10530 servo electric wheel has become a hot-selling model in the mobile robot market

After the epidemic test, the “contactless economy” has gradually become popular, and various types of service Robots have moved to the “consumer side”, rapidly pushing the Chinese robot market to tens of billions of volume. The 10530 series of low-voltage servo electric wheels independently developed by Hollysys Motor flashed in the torrent of the market. Because of its trinity of minimalist design and high cost performance, it has become a “good partner” for light-duty mobile service robots. In order to thank new and old customers for their support and love, Hollysys Motor plans to provide a set of economical products to new and old customers every year. With years of sales accumulation, Hollysys Motor has occupied most of the market share of low-voltage servo electric wheel products, and has a mature Industrial supply chain. Today we give back to users this set of mature solution-level products composed of 10530 series servo electric wheel and DS two-in-one servo driver, which are now available from stock at a low price.

10530 servo electric wheel has become a hot-selling model in the mobile robot market

10530 series electric wheel technical parameters

“Trinity” has a compact structure and is easy to install;

Very quiet, almost no sound is heard at 20rpm; Good low-speed characteristics, the speed is as low as 0.1rpm, still running smoothly; 200% overload capacity, providing ultra-short braking distance, escort for safety; Built-in 1400-line photoelectric encoder.

10530 installation dimension (unit mm)

10530 series electric wheel application scenarios

Because the 10530 series servo electric wheel has the characteristics of independent driving of a single wheel, it can be easily realized whether it is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. At the same time, the 10530 series electric wheels can realize differential steering similar to crawler vehicles through different rotational speeds of the left and right wheels or even reverse rotation, which greatly reduces the turning radius of the robot, and can even achieve in-situ steering.

10530 series servo electric wheels can be applied to various light-duty service robots and light-duty general-purpose chassis such as cleaning robots, catering service robots, hotel service robots, disinfection robots, and inspection robots.

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