360 Children’s Robot Review: Adding AR New Ways to Voice Interaction and Video Photography

News on August 4 (Editor Zhao Jinjie) Since 2016, a variety of smart products targeting children’s groups have been launched on the market one after another.robotproduct. With the continuous update of 360 children’s watches from one generation to five generations, on July 20, 360 finally launched its first children’s robot.

360 Children’s Robot Review: Adding AR New Ways to Voice Interaction and Video Photography

This children’s robot and 360’s children’s watches belong to the entire children’s brand image – Badilong. So when you ask “what’s your name”, the robot will answer “I’m Buddy Dragon from Poppy Poppy”.

In addition to supporting the regular voice quiz and video camera functions, the 360 ​​Kids Robot also adds new ways to play, such as parents’ K stories, AR learning to draw, and AR spelling words, so that children can experience more fun in the learning process.

Appearance is as cute as “big white”

The 360 ​​Children’s Robot is suitable for children over 3 years old. It adopts the combination of a white body and a black screen as a whole, which is very cute at first glance. The ellipsoid head and the cylindrical body are separated by a line similar to the shape of a collar, like a dwarf with two heads. It is easy for children to bring it into the character and treat it as a little friend around him.

In the process of naming the 360 ​​Children’s Robot, Deng Qiuwei, President of 360 Smart Home, said that in the research and development stage, the product first wanted it to be similar to Dabai, so he called it Xiaobai, and later changed it to Dough. The intention is to make it a cute big white at home, able to solve children’s problems and connect the relationship between children and parents.

Considering that children have a little talent for dismantling things by hand, and some children talk when they disagree, there is not a single screw exposed in the entire body of the 360 ​​Children’s Robot, and the materials used are in accordance with the national environmental protection and safety standards. There is only one power button, one charging port and one SD card interface for extended storage on the machine.

Equipped with 360 Children’s Robot OS system to customize children’s exclusive content

Based on Andriod 5.0, 360 Children’s Robot has developed an exclusive operating system for the 360 ​​OS robot. The weight of more than 2 kilograms not only ensures the convenience for adults to carry, but also avoids the occurrence of damage caused by being easily picked up by children. Equipped with a blue-light eye protection screen and a 20cm distance eye protection reminder to effectively protect children’s eyesight. On the right side of the screen, there are touch volume keys to adjust the volume of the sound.

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