ABB Electric’s subsidiaries have been selected as the top 100 companies in China’s electrical industry for consecutive years, and Zhao Yongzhan was elected as the annual pioneer in the electrical industry

  • Three companies are listed among the “Top 100 Enterprises in China’s Electrical Industry”, and two companies are awarded “Top Ten Leading Enterprises in China’s Electrical Industry”, contributing to the local economic development.
  • ABB source-grid-load-storage precision control solution provides technical support for building a new power system
  • ABB Zhao Yongzhan was elected as the “Electrical Industry Pioneer” of the year, affirming his achievements in digital transformation and promoting sustainable business development

On February 22, 2023, the “22nd China Electrical Industry Top 100 Research” was officially announced at the China Electrical Industry Development Summit Forum. Xiamen ABB Switchgear Co., Ltd., Xiamen ABB Low-Voltage Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., and ABB Xinhui Low-Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd., affiliated to ABB Electric, were included in the top 100 rankings, and Xiamen ABB Switchgear Co., Ltd. and ABB Xinhui Low-Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd. were among the leading enterprises in China’s electrical industry The top ten shows the comprehensive strength of the company in the fields of technological innovation, lean manufacturing and sustainable development.

ABB Electric’s subsidiaries have been selected as the top 100 companies in China’s electrical industry for consecutive years, and Zhao Yongzhan was elected as the annual pioneer in the electrical industry

At the same time, ABB’s source-network-load-storage precision control solution won the “2022 China’s electrical industry’s ‘dual carbon’ solution TOP10”, and Zhao Yongzhan, president of ABB Electric China, was elected as “2022 China’s electrical industry’s top 10 pioneers”.

Now is the critical stage of implementing the “14th Five-Year Plan”. The situation at home and abroad is changing. The high-quality development of China’s economy is taking steps, and the transformation and upgrading of economic structure is steadily advancing. Zhao Yongzhan, President of ABB Electrical China, said that it is a great honor for me to be selected as a pioneer in China’s electrical industry. The recognition that innovative technology promotes Industrial transformation and upgrading. Facing the “Double Carbon Target”, ABB uses its industry expertise to focus on the deep integration of technology and usage scenarios, drives industrial transformation with digital applications, leads industry development with innovative technologies, and joins hands with customers and partners to create a safe, intelligent and reliable future. A bright future continues.

With the in-depth implementation of the goal of “carbon neutrality”, China’s electrification level will be further improved, the rapid surge in electricity demand, and the construction of clean energy will accelerate the transformation of the energy structure. In this context, energy will change from high-carbon-emission to low-carbon-emission energy, and it is imperative to build a new power system. Digitalization plays an important role in how to better cope with the challenges of the power generation side and the power consumption side.

Relying on ABB Ability’s digital capabilities, ABB’s source-network-load-storage multi-strategy flexible control system solution, through the precise regulation and coordinated operation of “source-network-load-storage”, utilizes the time and space complementarity of load power consumption to achieve orderly Power consumption management, targeted adjustment and optimization, tap the flexible space of load power consumption, and release the pressure of carbon emission reduction. At the same time, build a scene-based AI big data analysis algorithm, as well as learning with a certain sample and capacity, to realize dynamic multi-scenario prediction of complex elements, and accurate and flexible control of multiple strategies. Through the use of source, network, load and storage terminals, the local consumption of clean energy can be maximized, energy costs can be greatly saved, and energy operation and management efficiency can be improved.

As a global technology leader in power and automation, ABB is a participant, witness and beneficiary of China’s economic take-off. In 1992, it established the first production-oriented enterprise in China – Xiamen ABB Switchgear Co., Ltd. in Xiamen, mainly providing 3.6kV – 40.5kV medium voltage switchgear, circuit breakers and other products and services. The company’s 30-year history in China reflects the company’s transformation from China’s manufacturing to China’s creation, and the upgrade of its ability to serve the world rooted in China. At the same time, Xiamen ABB Switchgear Co., Ltd. has won the National Quality Management Award and the Fujian Provincial Government Quality Award, and was selected into the list of national green factories.

ABB has worked hard and forged ahead for many years, and has continued to invest and deploy business in China. Xiamen ABB Low Voltage Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. and ABB Xinhui Low Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd., which ranked among the top 100 this time, were established in 1994 and 1995. Innovation has always been the cornerstone for ABB to gain a foothold in the Chinese market and maintain strong competitiveness.

Xiamen ABB Low-Voltage Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is the only production base of NeoGear and MNS low-voltage switchgear and Emax air circuit breaker established by ABB in China, and it is also one of the largest manufacturers of low-voltage electrical equipment in the world. Xiamen ABB Low-Voltage Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has a local R&D center for MNS low-voltage cabinets and air circuit breakers. As a branch of the global R&D organization, the local R&D capabilities are continuously strengthened, so as to better serve the Chinese market and support global technological innovation .

ABB Xinhui Low Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd. is also actively implementing the innovation-driven development strategy. In 2003, it started to set up a design and R&D organization, and now it has grown into ABB Smart Power China R&D Center. At present, the center has nearly 100 engineers. Through continuous R&D investment to ensure its technical status, the R&D achievements include dual power transfer switches, contactors, molded case circuit breakers, transfer switch electric operating mechanisms, leakage protection relays, and button indicating devices. Not only Serving the Chinese local market, the products are also exported to 76 countries and regions around the world.

Under the dual carbon targets and the new development pattern of the 14th Five-Year Plan, ABB’s business development direction is highly consistent with China’s efforts in promoting low-carbon transformation and high-quality development, and will continue to develop in energy internet, zero-carbon parks, smart buildings, electric vehicles Invest in transportation and other fields, implement the development strategy of “in China, for China and the world”, export local achievements to the world, be a good enabler of the industry, and promote the realization of carbon neutrality goals and the development of a green economy.

The selection of China’s top 100 electrical industry was initiated by the “Electrical Times” magazine under the China Machinery Industry Information Research Institute in 2000. It has been successfully held for 22 sessions so far. It provides a platform to guide and promote the high-quality development of China’s electrical industry, and promotes electrical Industrial digitalization and low-carbon transformation and upgrading.

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