ABB launches autonomous mobile robot portfolio with new brand image

ABB unveils autonomous mobility with new brand identity after acquiring ASTI, the world’s leading AMR manufacturer, in 2021robotseries. Since being included in the AMR product portfolio, ABB has become the industry’s only company offering robotics, autonomous mobile robots and machine automation solutions.

When businesses look for a range of robotics solutions to help them improve efficiency, flexibility and adaptability, we are the company that offers a complete portfolio of robotics, autonomous mobile robots and mechanical automation solutions. This is an inflection point for our customers, working with one partner to get everything they need to address the opportunities and opportunities presented by the prevalence of personalized consumption, labor shortages and supply chain disruptions. challenge. The update of the brand image of ABB’s autonomous mobile robot just emphasizes the convenience and advantages of our ability to provide customers with comprehensive solutions.

ABB launches autonomous mobile robot portfolio with new brand image

ASTI’s solution has now been refreshed, named and integrated into ABB’s product portfolio as the Flexley® product family, Flexley stands for the operational flexibility offered by autonomous mobile robots. The first AMR models to be released are the Flexley Tug and Flexley Mover, covering applications including towing, trolley transport up to 2000kg, and lifting and transport of racks, boxes and pallets up to 1500kg.

Building on ASTI’s use of laser-based 2D SLAM navigation, future ABB autonomous mobile robots will also benefit from Sevensense’s (Swiss startup, ABB partner) pioneering VSLAM technology, which enables mobile robots to navigate complex dynamic environments .This unique technology opens up new possibilities for flexible manufacturing – artificial intelligence makes ABB’s AMR like itsrobotic armJust as autonomous, while making work more efficient and safer for people.

Verónica Pascual, Global Head of ABB Robotics’ Autonomous Mobile Robotics business, said:The market for autonomous mobile robots is set to grow substantially, with an estimated annual growth rate of approximately 24%* from 2021 to 2028. The integration of ASTI’s family of autonomous mobile robots and the establishment of our global manufacturing and support network means we are well positioned to address this growth, providing our customers with new ways to solve their supply chain challenges and meet electronics requirements The need for greater flexibility and speed as commerce continues to grow.

ABB has provided autonomous mobile robotics solutions to UK-based strategic partner Expert Technology Group, providing a complete assembly line based on autonomous mobile robots for a start-up technology company producing electric vehicle drive systems. Autonomous mobile robots are responsible for transporting products between robotic automation cells and human assembly stations. The entire automation solution uses ABB robotics, vision feature packs and autonomous mobile robots to work together.

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