Accelerate the construction of smart power plants Ned Electric provides digital delivery and predictive maintenance for Panji Power Plant

Recently, Schneider Electric won the bid for the 2*660MW ultra-supercritical power generation project of Huaihe Energy (Group) Co., Ltd. Panji Power Plant. Taking the digital and intelligent transformation needs of the industry as the starting point, Schneider Electric will provide digital delivery and predictive maintenance solutions for this project by virtue of its strong digital advantages and profound professional experience and engineering delivery capabilities in the power industry, helping to build the digitalization of smart power plants. Benchmark.

Accelerate the construction of smart power plants Ned Electric provides digital delivery and predictive maintenance for Panji Power Plant

Digital delivery: build a digital asset library for the entire life cycle of smart power plants

Aiming at Panji Power Plant’s goal of building a future smart power plant and realizing smart operation, Schneider Electric will build an information sharing and scalable digital engineering information transfer system based on the AVEVA AIM digital asset information management platform. Model, integrate data and models of various systems, and create a full-life-cycle digital asset library tailored for the Panji Power Plant project, allowing users to receive a digital twin factory while receiving the physical factory. Based on the efficient and high-quality data processing and correlation of the digital delivery platform, Schneider Electric will help Panji Power Plant realize asset visualization management, drive information transparency, improve construction and operation and maintenance efficiency, lay the foundation for the construction of smart power plants, and bring many Digital benefits:

  • Build a digital library: In the early stage of the project, the digital power plant handover system platform can realize the digital handover of 3D models, finished design products, procurement documents, construction documents, manufacturer data, commissioning data and other information; in the future transformation process, enterprises can also continue to upload Models and drawings provide powerful data and information support for digital factory construction;
  • Provide inspection and maintenance support: Schneider Electric not only provides users with high-precision and visual 3D model roaming and inspection, but also intelligently correlates engineering information at various stages of design, procurement and construction, and opens up the data interface with the power plant production information management system to achieve static The business linkage of data and dynamic data provides guarantee for inspection and maintenance, and fully meets the expansion needs of intelligent operation and maintenance functions of the power plant in the later stage;
  • Enabling professional training of employees: During the operation of the unit, the construction results of digital handover can also be used to carry out employee training. Through the intuitive and easy-to-understand immersive training, it can help improve the professional knowledge and professional ability of employees.

Predictive maintenance: comprehensively escorting enterprise operation and maintenance

In order to further improve the operation guarantee capability, Schneider Electric provides a complete set of AVEVA predictive maintenance system for the Panji Power Plant project for key equipment such as steam turbines, generators, fans, and pumps. While collecting and analyzing massive historical data, it is constructed through offline analysis and training. The model provides functions such as data cleaning, data modeling and verification, alarm and alarm management, diagnosis and case analysis. Relying on the AVEVA predictive maintenance system, Panji Power Plant will effectively reduce equipment downtime, improve reliability, improve performance and safety, and bring higher value without affecting overall equipment efficiency.

At present, the 2*660MW ultra-supercritical power generation project of Panji Power Plant has started construction at the end of 2020, and the first unit is scheduled to be put into operation at the end of 2022. Schneider Electric, in combination with Panji Power Plant’s own digital construction goals, makes full use of digital delivery and AVEVA forecasting It strengthens the value of digital assets, lays a solid foundation for the overall implementation of the design, construction, operation and maintenance of smart power plants, reduces equipment operation and maintenance costs, and provides a strong guarantee for plant operation and maintenance.

As a digital transformation expert in the field of global energy management and automation, Schneider Electric has profound insights and extensive practice in the field of smart power plants, and is committed to providing industry users with one-stop smart power plant solutions of “overall planning, step-by-step implementation, and small steps” Program. The solution based on EcoStruxureTM architecture covers data management layer, production control layer, information application, digital and intelligent application, decision management and innovation sharing, etc. During the whole life cycle of the power plant, it will bring a number of values ​​such as digital twin, collaborative scheduling, and continuous optimization to the smart power plant, and further empower the power plant enterprises to upgrade their “smartness”.

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