AGV technical achievements have attracted much attention, logistics robots may usher in spring

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: withindustryWith the advent of the era of 4.0, the development of the AGV industry, the core equipment of intelligent logistics equipment in my country, is facing huge challenges and unprecedented opportunities. China AGVrobotIn the past two years, sales have continued to grow. The industry expects that the sales of domestic AGV Robots in 2017 will increase by more than 40% compared with 2016.

With the advent of the era of intelligent technology, factory intelligence has become an irreversible development trend. At the same time, rising labor costs and enterprises’ huge demand for various energy resources have also set off industrialautomation equipmentIndustrial development tide.At present, my country’s manufacturing industries are accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading, andautomationProduction is also gradually being valued and applied by enterprises, which continuously promotes the development process of Industry 4.0.

As we all know, the intellectualization of industry is inseparable from the support of automation equipment, and the production of automation equipment requires more intelligent equipment, such as industrial robots. In the field of industrial robots, many well-known intelligent manufacturing companies stand out with their sophisticated and efficient technical products, and AGVs have attracted much attention.

According to industry forecasts, the sales volume of domestic AGV robots in my country will reach 9,500 units in 2017, with a year-on-year growth rate of over 40%. From the perspective of the domestic market, the demand for AGVs in many new industries continues to rise, and automation industries such as electronics, automobiles, and home appliances will remain the main application markets for AGVs for a period of time.

At present, the research time of AGV key technology with independent intellectual property rights of most enterprises in my country is still very short, and the technical foundation is relatively weak. Most of the domestic high-end AGV market uses Kollmorgen’s NDC system. In addition, the market is very non-standard, there is no unified industry standard, and no industrial ecosystem with greater influence has been formed. rather intense.

“Walking alone is fast, while others are far away”. All walks of life are currently facing fierce competition. Therefore, in order to better seize the new opportunities in the intelligent era, co-creation, sharing and win-win have become the consensus of enterprises. It is understood that at present, many three-dimensional warehouse manufacturers, automation equipment manufacturers and intelligent logistics integrators have reached cooperation with Dongjin AGV, and expressed their recognition of the strong benefits brought by Dongjin AGV.

For example, Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has a logistics center in Phoenix, Arizona, the size of 28 football fields. All kinds of cool high-tech products are applied in the entire warehousing system, such as logistics robots, delivery drones, big data-driven intelligent sorting technology and so on., the largest self-built logistics e-commerce company in China, has just released a strategy that will take technology as the driving force for its development in the next 12 years, and will take the lead in deploying drone delivery. recently announced that it will join hands with the Shaanxi Provincial Government to build the world’s first 300km radius low-altitude general aviation logistics network, with drones as the protagonist to build a smart aviation logistics system.

China’s Industry 4.0 is ushering in a new wave of development. The combination of “internet + manufacturing” is the bright spot. The introduction of information technologies such as robots and big data will promote efficient changes in the production methods of traditional manufacturing. Logistics is an important part of the manufacturing industry. The rapid growth of the domestic AGV Robot Industry can fundamentally improve the operational efficiency of the logistics system and have a profound impact on my country’s manufacturing industry.

With the massive storage of big data, smart AGVs will become more and more experienced in the future. Experience will tell reminding robots how to plan transportation routes to be faster and safer: robots process and transport workpieces in the factory at night, and quality inspectors check whether products meet customer requirements during the day.

In short, integrating resources from different industries in the same field to the greatest extent can not only facilitate the sharing of AGV scientific and technological achievements, but also accelerate the gradual upgrading of manufacturing enterprises to intelligent manufacturing, and promote the development process of Made in China 2025. It is believed that with the rise of my country’s robot industry, more independent brands will join the tide of robot industry transformation, and logistics robots will also usher in a prosperous spring.

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