AI Hotspot | It is expected that the scale of China’s face recognition market will grow rapidly in 2022, driving the development of the entire industry chain

According to data compiled by the China Business Industry Research Institute, the market size of China’s face recognition industry will reach 4.5 billion yuan in 2020, and the scale of China’s face recognition market will reach 6.8 billion yuan in 2022, achieving high growth.

  01. The application field of face recognition continues to expand

Face recognition is a biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information. It collects face images or video streams with the help of cameras or cameras, and automatically detects and tracks human faces in the images or video streams, thereby realizing Face image feature extraction, information matching and identity recognition and other functions. Compared with biometric methods such as fingerprints and iris, face recognition has technical advantages such as non-contact, uniqueness, and concurrency. Therefore, it has received strong support from national policies and attracted more and more market capital.

AI Hotspot | It is expected that the scale of China’s face recognition market will grow rapidly in 2022, driving the development of the entire industry chain

Face recognition technology is applied in the financial field (Source:

NCIC has learned that with the accelerated development of artificial intelligence, computer, optical imaging and other related technologies, the application of face recognition in various fields is gradually deepening. In the field of security, face recognition technology has been successfully applied to sub-scenarios such as video surveillance and personal identification inspection channels; in the financial field, real-name authentication and transaction payment based on face recognition have been widely used; in the field of transportation, many subway stations , railway stations, airports, etc. have installed face recognition access equipment for entrance and exit management, bringing convenience to our lives and improving security.

Under such circumstances, more and more domestic technology companies are stepping up their deployment in the face recognition industry. As an industry-specific embedded computer product provider, NCIC has also launched a dedicated embedded product solution for face recognition systems.

  02. Embedded product solution for face recognition system

NCIC provides a variety of embedded motherboards with X86 architecture and ARM architecture to serve customers in the field of face recognition, including embedded core boards, PICO-ITX industrial control motherboards, embedded 3.5-inch motherboards, Mini-ITX motherboards, etc., ATX motherboards, etc.

Schematic diagram of the application product of NORINCO face recognition system

Products support customer customization. From functional interfaces, accessories, layouts, and peripheral device installation to operating systems, product drivers, and security software, NCIC can provide customers with highly flexible and customized products and services.

The product supports Intel, AMD, HiSilicon, Rockchip, NXP and other platform processors, and can achieve differentiated function expansion according to different chipset platforms, as well as different CPU/GPU computing power needs.

The product has industrial-grade high reliability and is built in strict accordance with industrial-grade standards. It has strong and durable features such as shock resistance, dust resistance, and moisture resistance, and supports stable operation under various conditions such as wide temperature and complex electromagnetic environment.

At present, North China Industrial Control has successfully helped customers in the security and financial fields to realize the application of face recognition system equipment.

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