Anticipate Trends and Unlock Power | 2022 Mawei New Product Launch Conference and Ecological Partner Conference was grandly held

On October 20, the 2022 (second half) Mawei New Product Launch Conference and Ecological Partner Conference with the theme of “Foreseeing Trends and Unleashing Power” was successfully held in Shenzhen. Mawei Robot is the first in the industry to release the first out-of-the-box version of the unmanned forklift “Mao Xiaowei X1”, and shared its thoughts and practices in ecological cooperation construction. At the same time, the conference invited many industry experts, partners, association representatives, and media friends to witness the new “out-of-the-box version” standardized new product launch and functional application integrating “form + function + application”.

continue to innovate

Leading the development of the industry

Two years ago, in the industry, Momobot first proposed the concept of a new form of unmanned forklift, and has released a number of new forms of products so far.

Looking back on the road, Mae Micro robot has launched a single two-carriage “Mai Chuo α1”, a small body and high energy “Micro Bee X20”, the thinnest “Smart Four-Way Shuttle MW-Z1” on the market, and a flexible vision solution “Tianyan” System”; so far, the hardware side has formed a full family of matrix products including unmanned forklift series (pallet trucks, stackers, counterweights, forward trucks, etc.), AMR series, tractor series and intelligent four-way access series. , which can provide on-site intelligent logistics solutions integrating handling and access.

Anticipate Trends and Unlock Power | 2022 Mawei New Product Launch Conference and Ecological Partner Conference was grandly held

The software side has built a three-in-one software architecture platform, that is, a digital cloud operation and maintenance system, a visual upper-level management system, a flexible sky-eye vision system, and a module-independent underlying vehicle system. The upper system includes RCS scheduling system, WMS warehouse management system and WCS equipment control system, which can realize the transparency of inventory information, standardization of equipment and information flow management, and large-scale intelligent cluster scheduling. Access integrated smart logistics solutions.

At the beginning of the conference, Chen Wencheng, founder and CEO of Mawei Robot, gave an opening speech. He said: “The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is being held. I believe everyone has seen and heard that the real economy has been highlighted. At the same time, Robots, intelligent manufacturing , and also as a very important direction, it has been clearly explained. The Party Central Committee has pointed out the direction for us. I hope that we can start from today and work together to make some achievements in the new era in the field of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics! “

Out-of-the-box version of “Mixiaowei X1”

Grand reveal

According to the report of the Huajing Industry Research Institute, the overall sales of forklifts in my country will reach 1.0994 million units in 2021, while the sales of unmanned forklifts will only be about 8,000 units, with a market penetration rate of less than 1%. The reason is limited to a certain extent by the existing unmanned forklift solutions, which often require on-site debugging by professionals, long online time, high maintenance costs and communication management costs.

At the press conference, Lv Chaoshun, the R&D director of Maemicro Robotics, solemnly revealed the new product, the “out-of-the-box version” unmanned forklift “Mao Xiaowei X1”. As the industry’s first “out-of-the-box version” unmanned forklift, it can be launched in 5 minutes, and supports multi-terminal customers to issue tasks with handheld Pads; the high-end version of the vehicle comes with the functions of pallet gesture recognition and the presence or absence of goods. It is required to set up a variety of charging strategies to complete the charging independently.

The vehicle adopts a minimalist circulation method, which can quickly realize flexible use of “point-to-point”, “point-to-column” and “surface-to-surface” in multiple scenarios, which can meet the needs of different logistics such as import and export, production line, upper and lower line, assembly line, transmission line, and operation point. transportation needs.

The lone traveler is fast, the crowd travels far

Ecological win-win, new process of co-development

In the robotics industry that competes for success, like-minded collaborators, technology implementers, and product buyers are needed, and in the end, these three will converge on a common platform. Luo Xibo, channel director of Mawei Robot, focused on the ecological strategy of dual-line cooperation: the exclusive agent strategy with “Maiwei X1” as the core product and the regional agency strategy of full-line product cooperation are in parallel.

Through the “Ecological Partner Program”, create “1 standardized product + N intelligent scenarios + omni-channel after-sales service system” to achieve high-value closed-loop products, help more partners, and join hands with customers to go digital innovation in the era of intelligent manufacturing upgrade.

Extremely simple, extremely smart new product


The conference also held the first listing of “Mao Xiaowei X1”. Chen Wencheng, founder and CEO of Mawei Robot, collaborated with Ren Yutong, president of Guangdong Robot Association, Chen Lin, secretary general of Guangzhou Logistics Technology and Application Association, and full-time deputy secretary of Shenzhen Robot Association. Chang Tan Weijia, Secretary-General of Dongguan Robot Association Chen Yonggang, Secretary-General of China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance Li Jinke, General Manager of 518 Intelligent Equipment Online Hao Xiangchuan, and Director of Advanced Engineering Robot Research Institute Lu Hanchen jointly organized the “Xiaowei X1” for the unveiling starter.

Far traveler Heng takes advantage of the trend

Empower thousands of industries

The conference specially held the 2022 Mawei Ecological Partner Awarding Ceremony. Wang Chuanlong, Marketing Director of Mawei Robot, and Luo Xibo, Channel Director, awarded the licenses to dozens of the first batch of ecological partners, establishing a substantial and effective cooperative relationship, and working together to create “Mao Xiaowei X1”. ” to the peak of application. During this time, Xie Jianhua, chairman of Dongguan Meineng Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., delivered a speech as a representative. He said: He is always on the move, and he will always focus on the forefront of the industry. In order to better meet customer needs, empower thousands of industries.

The first batch of ecological partners awarded the license The representative of the chairman of Dongguan Meineng Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. made a speech

The interactive exhibition area is brilliant

Experience the charm of cutting-edge product technology

At the end of the press conference, the scene also set up an immersive innovative product practical experience link, allowing customers to feel the charm of the new product.

With the rapid diversification of logistics scenarios, when the opportunity for industry change is approaching, the development is driven by innovation. Momobot always adheres to the ecological strategy of openness, inclusiveness and win-win; continues to innovate product direction; focuses on the ultimate product attitude, adheres to the original intention, The comprehensive upgrade of product strength, innovation strength and service strength has always been implemented to serve customers and partners, and work together to establish a closer connection.