Apex 1400-L intelligent unmanned forklift is released

On August 24, at the China (Guangzhou) LET International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition, Lingdong Technology, the pioneer and leader of the fourth-generation mobile robot (visual navigation AMR), released the Apex 1400-L intelligent unmanned forklift. The release of the new type of unmanned forklift has further enhanced the automation and intelligence of Lingdong Technology in the warehouse logistics process, such as warehousing, replenishment, raw material on-line, finished product off-line, and delivery area out of the warehouse. It improves the operation efficiency of warehouse goods, effectively complements the product ecology and layout of Lingdong Technology under the intelligent logistics storage system, and is an important part of Lingdong Technology’s end-to-end unmanned logistics solution in the factory.

Why make Apex, an intelligent unmanned forklift?

Forklifts have always played a very important role in the logistics warehousing system. In recent years, with the accelerated development of the manufacturing and logistics industries, the cost of manpower management and production safety management brought by traditional forklifts that use manual operations has become a problem and challenge for enterprises to move towards lean production. Therefore, the use of intelligent unmanned forklifts has become a very important part of the current warehouse construction and subsequent operations in some scenarios with greater intensity, repetitive handling, and high on-site environmental requirements. At the same time, as the society’s demand for manufacturing individuation continues to grow, intelligent unmanned forklifts have the attributes of high flexibility, and the advantages of intelligence and automation in factory warehouses, production, logistics, etc. have been further reflected. Lingdong Technology believes that intelligent unmanned forklifts play a very important role as an intermediate node in the digitalization process of logistics and manufacturing.

What are the advantages of the Apex 1400-L intelligent unmanned forklift?

Apex 1400-L intelligent unmanned forklift is released

1. Single intelligence

Through the integration of “multi-sensor fusion technology, dynamic obstacle visual recognition technology, and vision + laser radar multiple sensor deployment”, the Apex 1400-L intelligent unmanned forklift is fully equipped with a single intelligent capability, and can automatically sense and identify corresponding objects on the shelf. The position of the tray and realize precise docking, liberating manual operation. At the same time, Apex 1400-L can cooperate with its own AMR equipment to operate positioning and identification in the environment, realize all-round automatic avoidance of obstacles on the road, and can also achieve precise docking in areas where goods are densely stacked, and complete unmanned automatic access operations ;

2. Accurate identification

The environment in the warehouse is not static, and the storage status on the shelves changes in real time. Especially in a complex production environment, it is difficult for a robot to “find a static sign to realize its own positioning” in such an environment. Relying on the precise visual recognition technology, it can carry out independent positioning, realize automatic alignment fork pallets and automatic detection and recognition of pallet posture, and then realize precise management of warehouse processes, storage locations and containers.

3. Accurate docking and placement

Relying on the powerful computer vision and multi-sensor fusion technology of Lingdong Technology, the Apex 1400-L has the ability to intelligently identify racks and rack offsets, and then realize automatic pallet pick-up and point-to-point in scenarios where pallets are densely placed Point handling, adapting to various pallet handling and access scenarios in the warehouse;

4. Security

In the form of “machine vision + laser radar”, Apex 1400-L endows itself with richer perception capabilities and more precise positioning capabilities, reducing the chance of accidents caused by obstacles during the work of the machine. The visual algorithm provides multiple safety guarantees for on-site production and transportation operations, and effectively guarantees the safety of unmanned operations;

5. Elevator docking

In the warehouse environment, elevators have always been a very important and relatively difficult link in the construction of an intelligent logistics ecosystem. The Apex 1400-L itself has a single intelligence capability, and it can be connected to the Martix platform of Lingdong Technology to realize the unified scheduling and management of all machines in the field. The system is connected to the warehouse elevator, so as to achieve completely unmanned automatic cooperation in the warehouse, reduce the elevator queuing time, and improve the overall operational efficiency.

Based on the characteristics of Apex 1400-L, such as simple and flexible deployment, safe and reliable operation, high degree of intelligence, and strong compatibility with the site, enterprises can conduct unified management of intelligent logistics equipment such as smart forklifts in the site, and then realize the standardization and digitization of operations. With the addition of the Apex 1400-L intelligent unmanned forklift, Lingdong Technology has realized the full coverage of multiple scenarios in the intelligent warehouse link, helping enterprises to complete the efficient and optimized allocation of production resources in the logistics production link.

As the pioneer and leader of the fourth-generation mobile robot (visual navigation AMR), Lingdong Technology is committed to using artificial intelligence and robotics technology innovation to create a full-category, full-scenario AMR product ecosystem. The Apex 1400-L intelligent unmanned forklift released at the conference is the latest achievement of Lingdong Technology, relying on its own accurate insight into the development demands of the industry, bold innovation, and determination to break through the technical bottleneck.

At present, Lingdong Technology’s intelligent unmanned forklift has begun to be commercialized in logistics and warehousing enterprises. In the future, Lingdong Technology will continue to polish intelligent unmanned forklift products on the basis of Apex 1400-L, accelerate the transformation of enterprises to intelligent and flexible supply chains, and continue to promote labor-intensive industries to mechanization and intelligence.

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