Are domestic robots easy to deviate and difficult to maintain? !Smailron’s new robot was born to directly hit the industry’s pain points

in today’sthisTechnologyswifttimes of development,usoftenmeetingtalk about an industryofPain points,andOnlyHavesolveindustryoftechnologyPain points,willin the competitionGet a head start, take the high ground.What I’m going to talk about todayindustryrobot,It is the best case of this truth.repeatedlyuserreflect,Makes us think deeply: whether Industrial RobotsIt will be like the domestic car in the past,existmarketstay oncriticized?Obviously this deserves our attention and consideration.

The pain points of domestic robotswhere is?wantanswer this question,firstwantlearnvastUser’s performance requirements for robots.These needs are concentratedReflected inbrand, appearance, price,repeatPositioning accuracy, speed, stability, jitterlife and after-salesWaitaspect.Exteriorandbrandsuperior,Whether imported or domestic robots, in recent years in terms of appearancehavespanverybig boost.priceAspect usalsoalready known:2010yearbefore and aftercheapestSix axisontologyalsoneedHundreds of thousands,closetwo yearsbecauseDomestic robotofCompetition, individually imported six-axis,1.4Meters pricedown to tenWannei (Giveagent’s price).domesticThe price is generally5-7about ten thousand,and7Ten thousandoraboveof domestic robotsexistpricebutslightlyAwkward——put asidequalitydon’t talkthe brand’s premium ability is obviously at a disadvantage.ThiskindenterprisegenerallyAllreturnHaveapplicationbusiness,Only in this waytalentcan maintain a long-term industry andmarketCompetitiveness.

Then wefocus onRepeatabilitythe structure of the vertical joint robot isstep by stepstackadd,The six joints are connected in series,and wewell-knownCNC machineYesup to two axesofCumulative, the support point is firm at both ends, and has little effect on the size of the volumestrictrequirements.This leads toThe repeatability of the robotmust be lower than NCmachine tool,universalexist±0.1mmarrive±0.15mmbetween(individualbrandexcept),SomeImported robot parameters are alsoexist±0.15mm.But domesticlots of informationMetropolisShow±0.05mm,Thisalso remindwe havepurchaseneedusers, do notquiltphantomparameterblindfolded,temporary repetitionpositionprecisionKeepa few hours orSeveralskyShang Ke,But after that it was almost unsustainable.In fact,Robot repetitionpositionprecisionandmotorofsubdivisionset upthe accuracy of the encoder isdirectrelationship, servo motormatchgenerallyofreducer, short timeofRepeatabilityalso optimistic.becauseJoint robot endpositiondepend onGravity exclusiongap,thereforeexistDoes not consider reducer wearin the case of,short timeInsideRepeat positioning accuracycan reach very high.

aboutspeedandjittertwoDifficultyquestion,For a combination of reasons, domestic robots andimport robotStill existgap.butsome excellentDomestic robotin the past two yearsalreadygradually narrowing these gaps,The key point isAtThatoptionalServo system, reducer, bodystructuredesignWait.

at lastWhat we want to focus on is the robotcoresoul——stability.pastexistCommunicate and cooperate with some integratorsTime,usalways hearsuch aswe don’t want tomatchDomestic robot“, “Too many user problems“, “always reacting“, “After-sales troublereasons such as.Apart fromImported robot integration has a large profit marginoutsideon the other hand deviatedis also a considerationreason.uswas inUser siteFindDomestic robotidleIn the workshop, techniciansexpress:“Used shortlyAt onceneedreset to zero,Correction,very tedious, then wepurchasespanseveralimport robot“.still haveOut-of-town factory ownerask:your robot daymeetinghow much,whywe use robotsalways get stuck?Although wevery willing toBelievethese questionsonlyindivualexample, but more and moresimilarthe caseoccurback,It also makes us have to think,ThismaybeYestodayDomestic robotmost prominentPain points.

China has been continuously8become globalThe largest robot application market,HoweverdomesticrobotCurrentlyproportiononly30%many,anduserBigMostlySMEs.if thisThe proportion stagnated or even decreased instead of increasingthe localization of industrial robotsWillEnded with failure.At such a critical juncture in the development of such an industry,There is a domestic robot companycome forward——Baoji Simai Precision Transmission Co., Ltd.recentdevelopedoneDon’t stray, easymaintainedrobot.

Are domestic robots easy to deviate and difficult to maintain?  !Smailron’s new robot was born to directly hit the industry’s pain points

Possess an authorized patent certificate in the field of robotics30item they builtSimalon technical team,experiencedseven years,excellence in research andcapturerobotjointreducertechnology,andNo imitation importsold road,becausehetheyknow wellstructure can be imitated,butcraftas well asCore technology accumulationYesimitated.go throughRepeated high-frequency testingAfter heThey made this result public.andin addition to custom robot models,hethey are absolutelyMost robots arePromise to deviate from the returnand high-endThree-year model warranty,realdo itspanuserPickpurchaseno risk.At the user level,Do notArgumentIs it imported or domesticrobot,mostHeavywantofIs it possiblerealdo itHelp enterprises reduce costs and improve production efficiencynot due toFaultandidleEasy to solve and maintain when there is a fault.These,business choiceequipmentfundamentalin accordance with.

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