AVEVA Jianwei software helps Xiamen University deepen the deep integration of production, education, research and application

AVEVA Jianwei Software, a global leader in engineering and Industrial software, has reached a cooperation with Xiamen University to deepen the integration of production, education, research and application in universities. AVEVA Jianwei Software provided Xiamen University with AVEVA™ PRO/II™ Simulation steady-state process simulation software to realize the digital twin function of the chemical process and help cultivate senior engineering and technical talents who master the application of digital tools. Moreover, digitalization is an important driving force for the sustainable development of the chemical industry. The use of mainstream steady-state process simulation software in the classroom can enable the future military forces of the chemical industry to apply what they have learned, strengthen the construction of green and low-carbon talents in the chemical industry, and promote industrial transformation and development. High-quality development.

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering of Xiamen University has established or shared with the chemistry discipline the National Engineering Laboratory for Cleaner Production of Alcohol Ether Esters, the Fujian Province Fine Chemical Industry Technology Development Base, and the Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Fossil Energy Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Xiamen University pays attention to improving the engineering quality of students, and has sent many senior engineering and technical talents to the society, making positive contributions to the upgrading of the chemical industry structure.

AVEVA Jianwei software helps Xiamen University deepen the deep integration of production, education, research and application

Teachers from the Chemical Engineering Department of Xiamen University use AVEVA PRO/II Simulation to prepare lessons

AVEVA PRO/II Simulation can be interspersed in the teaching of some main courses of the Chemical Engineering Department of Xiamen University, such as: chemical engineering principles, chemical thermodynamics, course design, chemical process design, design and synthesis, and chemical process analysis.

Professor Zhou Hua, Director of the Undergraduate Biochemical Practice and Innovation Guidance Center of the Department of Chemical Engineering of Xiamen University, said: “The integration of production and education is an important direction for the high-quality development of China’s higher education. AVEVA PRO/II Simulation has a complete physical property database and a powerful thermodynamic physical property calculation system. , and more than 40 kinds of unit operation modules, which can be used for process steady-state simulation, physical property calculation, equipment design, cost estimation/economic evaluation, etc. The graphical interface of AVEVA PRO/II Simulation is used to establish and modify process simulation and complex models Ideal tool. Users can easily build a model of a certain device or even the entire plant, and allow data browsing and report generation in various forms. Using AVEVA PRO/II Simulation can realize the digital twin of the chemical process, and integrate the digital twin function The implementation becomes more convenient and simple, and it also provides favorable conditions for the digital twin to go into practice. We believe that the integration of practical and innovative technology application scenarios and teaching will help train students to become effective forces in the chemical industry.”

AVEVA Jianwei Software emphasizes that industrial software is an important tool for digital transformation, but the key lies in whether users can choose tools and make good use of them. In the scientific research project of Xiamen University, AVEVA PRO/II Simulation will be mainly used in three typical chemical industry application scenarios: for ethyl acetate, propyl acetate, butyl acetate, isopropanol, methylcyclohexane, water, ethanol Simulation of recovery and separation process of organic solvent in mixture; simulation of recovery and separation process of organic solvent in mixture of nitrogen methyl formamide (NMF), diethylene glycol monomethyl ether (MDG), and water; and regression of vapor-liquid equilibrium data of organic mixture .

The chemical industry has a long industrial chain, many materials, and complex production links. With the advancement of technology and the improvement of green and low-carbon requirements, the traditional classroom teaching mode has certain limitations, and colleges and universities are paying more and more attention to practical learning. This is also the original intention of AVEVA Jianwei Software to create the AVEVA Academic Program, which aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice. With the help of the professional industrial software of AVEVA Jianwei Software, students can master the tools they will use in the future in advance, gain differentiated skill advantages, and then promote the improvement of industrial efficiency and performance, energy saving and emission reduction faster.

Wan Shiping, general manager of AVEVA Jianwei Software China, said: “The chemical industry is one of the pillar industries of the national economy. It is building a green, safe, low-carbon, high-quality development pattern. Cultivating talents who meet market demand and technology development trends will help Promoting China from a big chemical country to a powerful country. By providing Xiamen University with a comprehensive process simulation, we can help teachers and students to carry out academic experiments and courses easily and effectively in a simulated real chemical factory environment. Moreover, AVEVA PRO/II Simulation can Implementing strict heat balance and material balance for various chemical processes can improve the sustainability of chemical plants—this is the core competitiveness of current and future enterprises. For future engineers, getting familiar with these as early as possible is not only beneficial to One’s own career is helpful, and can also contribute to the digital and low-carbon transformation of the chemical industry. AVEVA Jianwei software hopes to help colleges and universities cultivate batches of qualified advanced engineering technologies in a true sense by promoting the deep integration of production, education, research and application. Talents, and enhance the ability of students to serve the society directly after graduation.”

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