AVEVA Jianwei Software’s 3rd Golden Tripod Award announced to accelerate localization innovation and adaptability, leading industrial digitalization and low-carbon transformation

  • With the solutions of AVEVA Jianwei software, the Golden Tripod Award-winning enterprises have successfully implemented projects that can lead the digital transformation of China’s industry.
  • To achieve digital innovation that is sustainable, agile, resilient, and economically beneficial through the collaboration of the ecosystem.

Recently, AVEVA, the global leader in engineering and Industrial software, announced the winners of the third Golden Tripod Award. The award-winning enterprises are born from the new, established from the deep, and go far on the road of digitalization. They are committed to promoting industrial digital innovation and have achieved outstanding results.

Eight companies from chemical industry, new materials, maritime affairs, electronics and other fields won the third Golden Tripod Award. Xin Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Bora LyondellBasell Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Wison Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd., China ENFI Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

With the help of AVEVA Jianwei software solutions, these eight companies have successfully implemented projects that can lead the digital transformation of China’s industry. For a long time, AVEVA Jianwei Software has spared no effort to cooperate with ecosystem partners to achieve digital innovation with sustainability, agility, resilience and economic benefits.

Wan Shiping, general manager of AVEVA Jianwei Software China, said: “Only by sharing and co-creating with partners in the ecosystem can we stimulate industrial creativity and promote the steady development of the entire industry. Through collaborative innovation, AVEVA Jianwei Software partners are realizing seamless System integration, promotion of interconnection, and acceleration of localized innovation. We hope to showcase the gratifying achievements of these enterprises in the process of high-quality development through the Golden Tripod Award.

The process of China’s industrialization continues to advance, and the total industrial economy has leapt to the first place in the world. Although the level of digitalization in various industries varies, they have common requirements for green and low-carbon development. Digitization is driving development today and tomorrow. We are leveraging the synergy of the ecosystem community to overcome daily business challenges and create higher value with greater flexibility and adaptability. With this, AVEVA Jianwei Software and its partners can gain insight into opportunities and continue to empower the digitalization and sustainability needed by the industry in the future. “

AVEVA Jianwei Software’s third Golden Tripod Award winners’ outstanding performance in digital practice (ranked in no particular order):

AVEVA Jianwei Software’s 3rd Golden Tripod Award announced to accelerate localization innovation and adaptability, leading industrial digitalization and low-carbon transformation

Duofluorduo New Materials Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and industrialization of materials and energy systems in the subdivided fields of fluorine, lithium and silicon. Through sincere cooperation with AVEVA Jianwei Software in the company’s R&D, design, engineering, and operation integrated collaborative platform project, the multi-fluorine multi-use innovation action and the inclusive thinking of co-construction, sharing, and win-win have paved a road to digital transformation.

Sinochem Commercial Co., Ltd. The holding subsidiary of Sinochem Holdings Co., Ltd. is its unified procurement and supply chain service platform. Sinochem Commerce is the first Chinese company to sign the AVEVA™ Flex subscription plan, which can respond more quickly to changing project needs, enhance business agility, and accelerate business transformation and growth.

BASF Integrated Base (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. The comprehensive chemical production base built at a cost of 10 billion euros is BASF’s largest overseas investment project so far. The base deploys the AVEVA OTS operator simulation training solution, uses digital technology to efficiently and intuitively train new recruits, implements the concept of smart production and follows the sustainable development strategy, setting a good example for the intelligent future of the chemical industry .

GCL Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. The research and development and manufacturer of high-efficiency photovoltaic materials has always maintained the position of technology driver in polysilicon products. From the construction of the digital double-base platform, to data management analysis, predictive maintenance and early warning management of equipment, GCL Technology and AVEVA Jianwei Software are advancing side by side to carry out the whole process of green production management from design, production to operation.

Bora LyondellBasell Petrochemical Co., Ltd. A large Sino-foreign joint venture petrochemical company has driven more than 100 billion yuan in investment in related industries. The company cooperated with AVEVA Jianwei Software to successfully promote its plan optimization, production scheduling and process device inspection for original trade, single field operation, multi-factory and multi-network.

Wison Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. Committed to providing efficient and integrated EPCIC (Engineering Design, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning) solutions for the energy industry, it is the first company in the world that has the performance of building and delivering barge-type FLNG and FSRU. Wison Offshore will work with AVEVA to develop a more sustainable future energy landscape.

China ENFI Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it was the first professional design organization established to restore and develop China’s nonferrous metal industry. China ENFI and AVEVA Jianwei Software have carried out three-dimensional cooperation in non-ferrous engineering design and mine operation data management, and expanded the application integration of intelligent P&ID (pipeline and instrument flow chart). The company takes the lead in building the first full-process digital delivery cooperation project in the industry.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The world’s first professional integrated circuit manufacturing service company, and the first professional integrated circuit manufacturing service model in the semiconductor industry. In the past ten years, AVEVA Jianwei software products have been successfully deployed in its production plants in Taiwan, the United States and Japan, and have become the core components of its factory management system.

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