Big coffee debuts to talk about Industry 4.0: intelligent space robots are everywhere

Big coffee debuts to talk about Industry 4.0: intelligent space robots are everywhere

humanoidrobot“Jia Jia”

Robot Bee

The intelligence robot issued by Xinhua News Agency

  Tianjin NetNews Daily News reporter Guo Qiang Yesterday, the 2016 Summer Davos Forum opened at Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center.The theme of this year’s conference is “The Fourthindustry“Revolution – The Power of Transformation”, which is based on the stated goal of the World Economic Forum’s 2016 Davos Annual Meeting, which is to seek to understand the speed and extent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s impact on the world today, and to define which rules and values ​​need to be established. Only by establishing and governance structure can human beings achieve prosperity and development in the new industrial age. Driven by the fourth industrial revolution, the combination of industry, economy and future issues will have a major transformation. At the press conference, the current co-chairs appeared one by one, Express your views on Industry 4.0 and China’s innovation environment.

  meeting point

The three agendas of this annual meeting

Reshaping Growth – How China’s new 13th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and a new generation of entrepreneurs in emerging markets are driving global and regional economic growth.

Resetting the System – How the Fourth Industrial Revolution will change industries and production systems.

Rethinking innovation – how breakthroughs and innovations in fundamental research, technology and business models profoundly impact socioeconomic systems.


Uber founder and CEO Kalanick

China is the fastest growing market in the world

As the co-chair of this year’s New Champions Summit, Travis Kalanick, founder and CEO of the global car rental platform Uber, expressed his appreciation for China’s innovation environment at the meeting. Kalanick has been to many cities in China, but this is the first time in Tianjin. It is also the fastest growing market in the world, Kalanick told reporters.

“The Chinese government insists on creating an open platform so that Chinese enterprises can better embrace innovation. ‘internet +’ has injected new vitality into traditional industries and better helped industrial innovation and transformation. Five years later, China’s entrepreneurial ecology, especially in Beijing will be more prosperous than Silicon Valley.”

“We will continue to invest in the Chinese market and have already launched services in many cities in China. Our team has done a very good job.”


“Smart Space” Robots Are Everywhere

In just a few short years, artificial intelligence has achieved staggering development. At the beginning of this year, AlphaGo defeated Li Shishi to push artificial intelligence into the spotlight. Therefore, in the exploration area of ​​2016 Tianjin Summer Davos, it is not surprising that artificial intelligence and its carrier-robots swept almost everyone’s attention.

The exploration area of ​​nearly 100 square meters densely displays the most exciting research results in the field of robotics in recent years. Among them are robots developed by China, as well as robot products from Japan, South Korea and other countries. The novel and interesting robots have attracted everyone’s attention.

The most eye-catching in the exploration area are the humanoid robots “Jiajia” and ChihiraAico of the “Yan Zhi Series”. The humanoid robot “Jiajia” was developed by the Multi-Agent System Laboratory of the University of Science and Technology of China in three years. It is the first unique interactive robot in China.

The appearance of “Jia Jia” is made in a 1:1 ratio with the real person. The facial features are exquisite and natural, and the details are very good, so it is called “Robot Goddess”. Of course, as a carrier of artificial intelligence, “Jiajia” has functions such as human-machine dialogue understanding, facial micro-expressions, matching of mouth and body movements, autonomous positioning and navigation in a large-scale dynamic environment, and cloud services.

Another humanoid robot, ChihiraAico, is more famous internationally. at 2015CESExhibition, ChihiraAico was exhibited by Toshiba for the first time, and the audience was amazed at that time. ChihiraAico’s appearance is almost the same as a real person. Because she has facial expressions such as happiness and sadness similar to humans, it is even so realistic that it makes people feel a little nervous.

According to reports, ChihiraAico has the most advanced facial expression capabilities in the world, providing quiet, rapid and smooth body movements through 43 pneumatic actuators – 15 of which are located in the face, 4 in the torso, and 24 in the shoulders and arms. . Through such a structure, the manufacturer hopes that ChihiraAico can become part of the concept of human intelligent community in the future, acting as a medical expert or service expert, serving the elderly or those in need.

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