Break down management barriers and easily achieve efficient management of switchgear

Break down management barriers and easily achieve efficient management of switchgear

During the management of switchgear,

Challenges are everywhere.

To improve management efficiency,

There are always new barriers to be encountered.

Do you have any experience with the following barriers?

  • Energy Barriers: Management is all about the details, and supervision is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Even if the nerves are tense all the time, it is still inevitable to be sparse.
  • Professional barriers: It is also difficult for managers to be proficient in everything. For a specific field, the situation of “laymen guiding experts” cannot be completely avoided.
  • Information Barriers: How can people see six ways and hear all directions with only two eyes and two ears? Only when the information is well-informed can the “big picture” be achieved.

How to break down these barriers? Let ABB’s site switchgear management solution demonstrate for you in detail. The management problems in the field of switchgear are handed over to this management master!

01. Time consuming and laborious?

3 keys to easily complete the inspection

In the management of switchgear, equipment inspection is cumbersome, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is impossible to accurately obtain the health status of the equipment, and it is difficult to find potential risks.

ABB’s substation switchgear management solution solves the problem for you: At the device level, the iVD4® medium voltage intelligent solution can realize the deep integration of VD4 vacuum circuit breaker with sensors and monitoring units, and can accurately analyze the temperature, electrical characteristics and mechanical characteristics of the main circuit. Perform online monitoring and diagnosis. Help improve operation and maintenance efficiency, accurately grasp the health status of equipment, and improve the operation continuity of the power distribution system.

At the station domain level, the Smart Box station domain manager can provide a scenario-based mode to complete equipment inspection and fault locking within 3 keys to ensure business continuity. Streamlined operations, reduce staff training costs, and improve user experience.

02. Is there a wall for professionalism?

No need to worry about unified management of equipment

At present, a major difficulty in the management of site-level switchgear is that there are various types of switchgear, and operation and maintenance personnel cannot be proficient in everything, and it is difficult to achieve unified management of equipment.

The Smart Box in ABB’s substation switchgear management solution can break the data barriers between different devices, support multi-protocols, and can be connected to in-station devices such as transformers, DC panels, and medium and low voltage switchgear to realize data forwarding and docking with the backend.

03. Is it difficult to integrate information?

Real 3D holographic management is here

Operation and maintenance personnel engaged in the management of station-level switchgear usually need to check the operation data in front of the cabinet. On the one hand, high-risk operations cannot be avoided, and there is a risk of personal injury; on the other hand, the data obtained are often one-sided, which cannot be coordinated global.

Through Smart Box, ABB’s site-level switchgear management solution can realize 3D holographic management in real scenes, fully grasp the real-time information and health overview of different devices, complete the rapid deployment of site-level digital solutions, and help users improve site-level switchgear management efficiency .

The iVD4® medium voltage intelligent solution was successfully applied to a 35kV substation in a power grid in 2011, and has been running stably for ten years. During the ten years of serving the Chinese market, iVD4 has been continuously enriched in functions, and has now formed a complete circuit breaker health assessment solution, which is widely used in medium-voltage power systems in utilities, industries and infrastructure, and has been widely recognized.

Combined with the use of Smart Box, ABB’s site switchgear management solution will help end users to further improve the safe and stable operation of the power system, while simplifying the daily inspection work, ensuring the safety of operation and maintenance personnel, and improving the site switchgear management efficiency.

As a leader in the electrical industry, ABB uses the combination of digitalization and artificial intelligence technology to explore in the fields of fault diagnosis, pattern recognition and prediction, and implements practice in the field of station switchgear management to help customers achieve safer and smarter operations .

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