China Robot Summit opens garden-style robot park debut

China Robot Summit opens garden-style robot park debut
robotAppeared as a host.Photo by Beijing Times reporter Pan Shanju

After the artificial intelligence program “AlphaGo” developed by Google at the beginning of the year defeated the world’s top Go player Lee Sedol, the attention of “artificial intelligence” has not diminished. Yesterday, the 3rd China Robot Summit opened in Yuyao, Ningbo, and human-machine integration became the focus again. During the summit, my country’s first garden-style robot theme park was unveiled at the same time.

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“Beauty Butler” guest host

“Thanks to my beautiful partner, in the era of human-machine integration, the new Hemudu people have appeared.” As soon as the summit opened, the shadow of artificial intelligence was everywhere. The male host first introduced his mysterious partner “Xiaomei” to the guests. As a beautiful housekeeper robot, “Xiaomei” played a guest role as the female host, not only able to interact with the guests. The host had a man-machine dialogue and also introduced her robot partners to the guests. “Xiaomei” has a generous manner and clear voice, and walked slowly to the center of the stage during the conversation with the male host.

Immediately afterwards, “Xiaomei” invited her partnerindustryThe robot “Ahao” came to the stage as a guest bartender and prepared a glass of bayberry wine for everyone with his arms. “The wine glass is ready, can you pour us a glass of wine?” the robot “Xiaomei” asked. “Ahao” said: “I’m very happy to pour a glass of wine for everyone.” The dialogue made the guests under the stage feel that the era of human-machine integration is coming.

“Wang Yangming” inscription with a brush

At the summit, a writing robot with the image of a real person copied by Wang Yangming, a great thinker in the Ming Dynasty, made a stunning appearance, and inscribed the four words “the unity of knowledge and action” for the conference.

“Look, when he writes, he blinks from time to time. His face and hands feel no different from real people. If he’s not wearing ancient costumes, he’ll think it’s a real person sitting there.” On the side of the main venue, ” Sitting in front of the desk, Wang Yangming swiped and splashed ink on the spot, raised his right arm easily, dipped in ink and wrote in one go, and he completed the four-character seal script inscription “Knowledge and Action” in just ten seconds.

According to Li Bo of Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, Wang Yangming is a celebrity in Yuyao, Ningbo. Currently, he attaches great importance to Chinese traditional culture, and human-machine integration can become a good example. “This robot can basically move except for its legs. As long as you can write, it can write and imitate human drawing. At present, Chinese robotics can install three heads and six arms, but due to cost considerations, only Made an arm.”

More than 200 kinds of Robots debut

At this summit, the first Chinese garden-style robot theme park appeared in the main venue. At the same time, the summit was held in a combination of keynote reports, forums and exhibitions. The forum included 14 sub-forums, including the National Industrial Robot Forum, the National Artificial Intelligence and UAV Driving Technology Forum, and a signing ceremony for the permanent location of the Robot Summit. , the on-site contracted projects involved more than 20 billion yuan. At the same time, Ningbo Yuyao plans to invest 5 billion yuan to build a robot town within three years.

Entering the robot theme park, there are welcome robots at the entrance and exit to bow to the visitors and greet them. During the exhibition, more than 200 kinds of robots covering the fields of industry, service, medical care, education, etc. appeared one after another, basically all of which were independently developed by my country. There are drones that can easily monitor PM2.5 in the air, high-speed parallel robots that can play various piano songs, fire rescue robots that can traverse a variety of complex terrains, and can easily translate bedridden patients to wheelchairs. Intelligent patient transfer care robots for operating tables and more.

According to the developers, the transfer nursing robot can be operated wirelessly and has functions such as voice navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, and fall prevention. The transfer machine and the stretcher can be independent or integrated. During the moving process, the lying posture of the patient is not changed, which reduces the pain of the patient, reduces the physical burden of the nursing staff, and improves the level of nursing service. Only one person needs to tap the remote control in the whole process.


Liu Jinchang, Researcher, Advanced Manufacturing Division, High-Tech Research and Development Center, Ministry of Science and Technology

Robotic work leads to dramatic improvements in product quality

1 Why does the government push “machine substitution”

Relieve human beings from monotonous environment

Beijing Times: How do you view the “machine substitution” policy launched by the local government, will it cause unemployment to rise?

Liu Jinchang: This way of vacating the cage and changing the bird has a certain positive effect. From the perspective of social development, the unemployment rate of those robot countries in the world is not higher than others. The so-called replacement is to free people from the harsh, dangerous and monotonous environment, let people do what they like to do, and hand over some complicated housework and extensive workshop work to robots. Combining the work you like with the desire to successfully create is no longer a simple labor, and you can finally realize your self-worth.

2 What are the advantages of robotic labor

Greatly improve product consistency and reliability

Beijing Times: What are the advantages of robots and human labor?

Liu Jinchang: The cost of human labor is increasing exponentially year by year. At this time, an inflection point occurs. Some extensive labor fields use robots to replace humans, which can realize the so-called “unmanned factory” or “black light factory”, which does not require management, but can also achieve Working 24 hours a day, the robot is not afraid of tiredness or rebellion, and can ensure that the quality of each finished product is relatively stable.

For example, a large enterprise now plans to use tens of thousands of robots for work. Although there are certain obstacles in the face of technical problems, in any case, the instability of human emotions will affect product quality and the entire product growth process. With machines, the consistency and reliability of product quality is greatly improved.

3 In what areas should you be vigilant and avoid

To avoid low-level repeated malicious competition

Beijing Times: What aspects of the development of robots need to be controlled and vigilant?

Liu Jinchang: Some people worry about whether robots will become the enemy of human beings. In this regard, what I want to say is that robots must obey human orders and be able to protect themselves, and robots must be able to live in harmony with humans. If there is anything to be guarded against, it is to avoid low-level repetition and vicious competition. Low-level robots are not competitive. The development of robots should be “hot”, but not “overheated”. Once “overheated”, it is easy to burn yourself Bad.

In the long run, the level of intelligence of robots may be on par with humans; but for now, a robot is far from a 3-year-old child’s cognition of the world. Now there is no need to worry too much about whether robots will become the enemy of human beings. Humans have this intelligence to control robots.

4 Which robot market needs the most

Service type has unlimited development space

Jinghua Times: Which field can robots take the lead?

Liu Jinchang: The service robot market is much larger than that of industrial robots. In the future, industrial robots are just a branch of service robots, which only serve the factory floor. Therefore, the development of service robots has infinite space, and industrial robots have a certain degree of saturation with the development of the market. At the same time, the sensing technology and control technology of the two also overlap, but the models are slightly different.

However, not all industries need “machine substitution”, some are suitable for people to do, and some are more suitable for robots. For example, an embroidery needle can be done by a person, but it is not cost-effective to have to spend a lot of money to buy a machine; some are difficult to complete with money, and it is very dangerous and difficult for humans to send you to Mars. Therefore, there is no need to choose a side for a matter, and China’s “middle of the mean” has a certain reason.

5 What needs to be improved in the Robot Industry

Industrial Technology and Security Perception

Jinghua Times: Which aspects of China’s robot industry are in urgent need of improvement?

Liu Jinchang: There are two aspects, market-driven and technology-driven. At present, many technologies in the robot industry have not yet been solved, and the safety and perception performance of industrial robots are not high. If you want to do a good job in perception technology, you must rely on big data and cloud computing, as well as improve thinking, decision-making and learning capabilities. Strengthen the research on the basis of intelligence, study the skills and technology well, and carry out multi-disciplinary integration, so that the robot has more development potential. At the same time, the rapid development of technology requires human beings to grasp it in time. In addition, we must keep the pulse of the market, learn to cultivate the market, and make the market more accepting of the existence of robots.

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