“Cloud” meeting, new “machine” in the future – Amazon Cloud Technology Greater Bay Area AloT Robot Development Conference

With technology-driven acceleration of production intelligence, online service automation scenarios continue to heat up, and even home smart phones

The “blowout” of the robot market, focusing on the core technologies and industries related to Robots in the fields of industry, civil and customer service

The chain is becoming more complete and robust by the day. Industrial, customer service and civilian robots have entered a new stage of vigorous development.how to fine

Quasi-efficient use of IoT infrastructure, robots on the cloud, robot cloud services, artificial intelligence, simulation on the cloud

World-scale construction, cloud-based robot cluster management and other cutting-edge technologies and services to achieve intelligent manufacturing and automation in the industry, customers

Service automation and intelligent home service have become the focus of attention and thinking of more enterprises.

The leader, Amazon Cloud Technology, accurately grasps the IoT Robot Industry and technology trends, and is an important engine in the Greater Bay Area

Guangzhou held the “Wind” Cloud Conference, the future “new” machine as the theme of the development of IoT robots in the Greater Bay Area of ​​Amazon Cloud Technology

General Assembly.This conference specially invites professional investors in the field of robotics, senior architects in the field of cloud computing, and senior products in the industry

Robots such as experts, robot overseas professional certification consultants, robot ecological experts, global connection solution consultants

Experts in related fields gathered together. I look forward to this conference to gather people with lofty ideals in the industry and build an IoT robot exchange platform.

Share the latest trends and solutions in the field of IoT and robotics, spark new sparks, and seek new impetus.Build freely, explore

Request unlimited, looking forward to your participation!

  Event time: 2022/10/27 13:30

Event address: Banquet Hall, 5th Floor, The Westin Guangzhou, Guangzhou (No. 6, Linhe Road, Tianhe District)

“Cloud” meeting, new “machine” in the future – Amazon Cloud Technology Greater Bay Area AloT Robot Development Conference

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