Conquering the MV World Cup, can this cutting-edge circuit breaker “catch the cup” in one fell swoop?

Recently, the four-year World Cup is in full swing, and the wonderful performances of various strong teams and stars have feasted the audience. I believe that many engineers and fans of power supply and electricity companies will also take a long-lost leisure time to see it in their busy work. This makes us think, if a “World Cup” is also held for the star-studded medium-voltage power equipment, then which “new player” can lead the team to win the cup with their outstanding performance?

Just like every World Cup, a generation of cutting-edge players can stand out, our “Medium Pressure World Cup” is also constantly calling for new “players” to compete. Not long ago, Schneider Electric released a new generation of medium-voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breaker EvoPacT HVX. Let us see if this cutting-edge product can lead the trend in all aspects and win the first place in the “competition”.

Conquering the MV World Cup, can this cutting-edge circuit breaker “catch the cup” in one fell swoop?

Strong physique and endurance to ensure stable performance

In the Football World Cup, a standard game is 90 minutes, and it takes less than two hours including overtime, and each team still has sufficient substitutions. But it is quite different when it comes to medium-voltage equipment. The “playing time” of a piece of equipment is often as long as several decades, and it has to maintain stable performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a day. Failures and frequent “substitutions” are natural. is unacceptable. Therefore, for a medium-voltage equipment, stable and reliable “strong physique” and “endurance” can be said to be the primary qualities.

In this regard, EvoPacT HVX adopts modular operating mechanism, high-performance vacuum interrupter and solid-sealed pole, which comprehensively improves the mechanical and electrical life, capacitive breaking capacity and insulation capacity of the product. From a set of data, it can clearly show the player’s “strong physique” and “endurance”: EvoPacT HVX has a full-capacity breaking times of up to 100 times; the electrical life of the rated current is as high as 50,000 times; back-to-back capacitor bank breaking times The current can reach 800A; the DC component is as high as 52%; the mechanical life can reach up to 50,000 times, and the insulation capacity can meet the requirements of 2300 meters and below… Such robust performance is the best guarantee for years of stable performance.

Keep in good condition at all times, let people know

On the football field, the excellent performance of a player depends not only on excellent skills, but also on a good competitive state. For the team coach, it is also necessary to maintain smooth communication with the players and understand the real-time status of each player on the field in order to better arrange troops. Just like in the “arena” of medium-voltage equipment, operation and maintenance personnel need to manage and maintain a large number of equipment. It will be of great benefit if they can clearly grasp the real-time status of each equipment. This requires the collection and monitoring of equipment status data and interoperability with extraordinary capabilities.

Of course, for EvoPacT HVX, which adheres to the concept of digital native, its ability in this aspect is naturally its inherent advantage. With its rich data collection capabilities and the advantages of interconnection, EvoPacT HVX can upload the real-time status data of the equipment to the cloud, so that the operation and maintenance personnel who control the overall situation can grasp whether the status of the “players” is abnormal anytime, anywhere without “sitting on the spot”. , if and when maintenance is required. At the same time, rich data can also provide support for in-depth analysis.

Flexible and fast performance, adapt to the needs of “fast attack”

There is a style of play on the football field called “Little Kuailing”. The core point is to use a concise, flexible, and fast style to achieve fast offensive scoring. Efficiency, speed, and flexibility are also rare advantages in the medium-voltage arena. For example, when equipment is overhauled and parts are replaced, if the operation is completed one second earlier, the power supply can be restored one second earlier. In addition, efficient and convenient operation can also bring better experience to operation and maintenance personnel.

In this respect, the performance of EvoPacT HVX is even more commendable. The modular design makes the maintenance of this equipment extremely fast. In terms of operation, the operation and maintenance personnel can complete the overall replacement of the opening and closing coils in 15 seconds without using special tools, and complete the on-site replacement of the motor module within 1 minute. This unique skill of efficient maintenance, Enough to make ordinary “players” far behind.

Solid and comprehensive technology, playing the role of “all-rounder” in the field

In the football arena, we often see a player who is very solid and comprehensive in skills and highly adaptable. He can play a core role whether in the team’s striker, midfielder or midfielder. Such players are often The absolute main force of the team. In the medium-voltage arena, due to the large number of target industries and the different needs of different industries, the arena also favors “all-around players” who can meet the needs of diverse application scenarios.

In this regard, EvoPacT HVX can also rely on all-round technical skills such as high parameter performance, intelligent solutions, mechanical anti-jumping, and remote control to easily meet the needs of different industry scenarios. For example, EvoPacT HVX has higher full-capacity breaking times and higher mechanical life, which is suitable for main switch stations, power plants, steel mills, ports and other occasions with large load capacity or high requirements for operating times; and higher DC component , Closing ability, suitable for scenarios with fast operation and maintenance requirements, such as power plants, hydropower stations, main switching stations, etc.; higher capacitive load breaking capacity, making it suitable for heavy industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, etc. Occasions where capacitive load switching capability is required. Finally, the advanced intelligent functions and its support for fast operation and maintenance can well meet the needs of important load occasions such as main switching stations, medical care, electronics, data centers, and airports that require high power supply continuity. With such “all-rounders” team members, many demands from harsh environments are no problem.

Seeing the above outstanding advantages, are you looking forward to the remarkable performance of EvoPacT HVX, a new generation of circuit breaker in the “medium voltage field”? In this unique arena, being able to fully meet the needs of users and bring more value to users is always the key for a cutting-edge “player” to stand out. We look forward to the emergence of more cutting-edge “players” with powerful performance, diverse functions, intelligence and modularization advantages in the field of medium-voltage equipment in the future, so as to create more excellent application experience for the majority of users.

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