Core product of SBT Robot | AI machine vision flexible online inspection plane

In the manufacturing process, large-scale and multi-variety assembly of parts is prone to mixed assembly, wrong assembly, missing assembly, artificial jumping, etc., resulting in the failure of the entire product, and safety accidents or recalls caused by wrong assembly and missing parts. Events happen from time to time. How to efficiently prevent errors and prevent defective products from flowing to the market while the production line is automated and mass-produced?

video bitrobotSelf-developed AImachine visionThe flexible online inspection plane has helped dozens of auto OEMs and parts manufacturers around the world to achieve flexible and efficient inspection of parts that are wrong or missing, effectively improving the level of product quality control.

Analysis of Pain Points in Parts Assembly and Inspection

Core product of SBT Robot | AI machine vision flexible online inspection plane

1. It is difficult to control the quality of parts assembly

The assembly of parts and components has the characteristics of multi-variety, large-scale, complex process, etc., and it is prone to abnormal situations such as wrong assembly, missing assembly, multi-assembly, skipping process, etc., and quality control is difficult.

2. The efficiency of manual detection is low

At present, the detection of wrong and missing installations in the market mainly relies on manual labor, which is time-consuming, inefficient, difficult to identify accurately and efficiently, and has a high rate of missed detection and false detection.

3. Lack of statistical analysis

The manual detection method lacks process statistical analysis, and the quality problems are difficult to trace, and the SPC closed-loop control cannot be formed.

AI machine vision flexible online inspection machine

Based on industry-leading AI machine vision technology and Industrial-level system software capabilities, Sybit Robot has developed an all-round, fully automatic, high-accuracy, The easy-to-expand AI machine vision flexible online inspection machine can effectively control defective assemblies from the