Difficulty parking? Intelligent parking robot may be able to “solve problems” for you

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: China not only has more people, but also more cars. With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, it is no longer a dream for every household to own a small car. However, the rapid development of the motor vehicle market means that cities must pay for this. According to statistics, in 2016, the number of locomotives in China has reached 195 million, and the difficulty of parking has become a common problem in many cities, which even more troubles people’s travel.

Difficulty parking? Intelligent parking robot may be able to “solve problems” for you

How hard is it to park?

After walking around in the parking lot just to find a parking space, when they found a free parking space, everyone seemed to be scrambling for fear of being the first to get in, “Oh, I didn’t find a parking space in the parking lot, I’m sorry for being late.” Most car owners may have encountered such embarrassing problems, and with the increase of urban vehicles, the problem of difficult parking has risen to the social problems highlighted behind modern urban life. The problem of difficult parking is not a trouble that is only in one or two cities or big cities, it is common in every corner of every city.

Take Xi’an as an example. At present, Xi’an has entered the “automobile era”, and an average family owns a private car. Parking difficulties and disorderly parking have affected the production and life of citizens. Some people liken the parking space to be the “home” of a motor vehicle, and a trip of a motor vehicle starts with parking and finally stops. Private cars are parked for more than 90% of the year. If it is just “blocked”, the public can accept it, but it is unacceptable that it is impossible to find a suitable place to park the car. All kinds of voices came one after another, and the most voice was for the construction of parking facilities in the main urban area.

Mr. Li was deeply touched by the difficulty of parking. He said that his brother was in the waterproof paint business. Once, because he couldn’t find a parking space, he wasted the time to sign with others, which made the business go yellow. “Especially for a lot of illegally parked vehicles, it is too inefficient for the traffic police to post a penalty one by one. It would be better if some traffic police can deal with illegally parked vehicles.”

“I am an old driver with 39 years of driving experience. There are 600,000 motor vehicle parking spaces in Xi’an, and more than 30,000 parking spaces on the road, which is far lower than the international 11.2-11.5 parking space supply and demand. Rules. The obvious point is that there is congestion at the school gate. Double-row parking and three-row parking are not uncommon. I hope that the role of school buses can be brought into play, free parking spaces will be increased, and more road parking spaces will be set up.” Citizen Master Wang said .

Citizen Ms. Ma has many illegal parking. As a parent of a student who is a junior high school student, she often takes her children to remedial classes in the high-tech zone. After one training class is over, she needs to catch another one. It will be more troublesome to take the bus. Most of the time I choose to drive, but I often cannot find a parking space and can only park illegally. Therefore, I hope to add more parking spaces in the high-tech zone to meet the needs of citizens.

Three-dimensional parking garage or a good medicine

Faced with the difficulty of parking, most cities have responded by increasing the number of parking spaces, and even considering the introduction of the policy of “buying a car only if there is a parking space”. However, the land is limited, the parking spaces are limited, and the number of motor vehicles is increasing. The core of solving the problem of parking is to increase the parking space. The number of underground parking lots is too small, and the space is also very limited, so we might as well develop to the sky and develop a new three-dimensional garage.

The biggest advantage of the three-dimensional garage is that it saves land. As long as it is planned reasonably, it can also take into account the convenience of access, economic performance and fire resistance.

From simple parking lots to warehouse-type smart garages, there are also many experiences that we can learn from abroad. Cities in Japan have given preferential tax reductions to operating parking lots. In some particularly prosperous and crowded road sections, operators are encouraged to build more parking lots and advocate the principle of “small and scattered”, and some parking lots even have only two or three parking spaces. In Singapore, public intelligent three-dimensional parking lots are built by government departments. The United Kingdom and Italy have already started to reserve parking spaces online, and the intelligent three-dimensional parking lot is developing towards the network and unmanned direction.

At the two sessions this year, Wang Liang, deputy to the National People’s Congress and secretary of the Laiwu Municipal Committee of Shandong Province, proposed how to solve the problem of parking difficulties. With the increase in the number of motor vehicles, the problems of insufficient parking spaces and difficult parking have become increasingly prominent. He suggested the development of a three-dimensional parking lot, which would cost only half of the cost to park the same number of cars, and occupy only 2% of the area of ​​a traditional parking lot.

Wang Liang believes that it is a more realistic choice to develop three-dimensional parking to solve the problem of parking. “This method not only saves money and land, but also is environmentally friendly. It is in line with the general trend of intelligent development of urban transportation, and is especially suitable for parking needs in old urban areas and old residential areas.” It only takes 50 square meters for the open-air elevator tower-type three-dimensional parking, and the construction cost is only about 4 million yuan, which is half of the cost of the traditional parking lot.

But we should also see that the three-dimensional garage has relatively high requirements on the driver’s driving skills, parking skills, garage operation skills, and safety awareness. On the one hand, the design of the three-dimensional garage has limitations for some models, and there are also flaws in fire safety. Stay away from three-dimensional garages.

parkingrobot: Only two or three minutes to park and pick up

Last year’s popular “best parking robot”, it can help car owners realize automatic parking and retrieval within 2-3 minutes, with a maximum positioning accuracy of only 5 mm, and can also increase the number of parking spaces in traditional parking lots. At present, the world’s first commercial robot three-dimensional garage has been built in Nanjing.

On the north side of Exit 3 of Confucius Temple Station of Metro Line 3, a new building has been built, and the robot three-dimensional garage is under the building. Since the square of the new building has not yet been completed, the surrounding walls are used to isolate the traffic flow and the flow of people. Before coming to the garage, the entrance and exit rolling gates will automatically open. Drive the car into the parking platform, get off the car, close the door, take the card prepared by the staff, and swipe it on the smart Display outside the garage.

It can be seen in the monitoring room that the elevator sends the car to the garage 6 meters underground, and the robot goes out at this time. This guy, 4.6 meters long and 2 meters wide, similar to a flatbed truck, moved to the front of the lift, quickly got under the belly of the car, and then loaded the car into a suitable parking space for storage. The whole process took less than 3 minutes. The same is true for picking up the car. Swipe the card on the smart Display outside the garage, and the robot will move the car to the parking platform at the entrance of the garage within 2-3 minutes.

“The core technology of this robot three-dimensional garage is laser guidance and comb tooth exchange.” The parking robot research and development company, Shenzhen YifengautomationJi Feng, the technical director of the Jiangsu region of Science and Technology Co., Ltd., said that a white reflective column is installed in front of the parking space, and the detector installed at the front end of the parking robot generates laser induction on the reflective column, and sends the car into the parking space accurately. The so-called comb tooth exchange means that the robot uses rows of comb teeth like wheels to carry the car. After the car is placed on the parking space comb tooth frame, the robot comb tooth sinks and exits the parking space. Pickup is the exact opposite.

According to Monsoon, laser guidance technology and comb tooth exchange technology are very mature in China, but the combination of the two for robot parking is pioneered by Shenzhen Yifeng Company. The garage built in Nanjing is also the world’s first commercial robot three-dimensional garage. “Germany also has a robot garage, but it is not a three-dimensional garage.” Monsoon told reporters that it was in a traditional garage. The owner parked the vehicle in a designated area. The technology used by German companies is like a crab using two pliers to lift and move the vehicle to the Another place to put down.

Because of the use of laser navigation technology, the positioning accuracy of this “best parking robot” is within 5 mm, the driving speed can reach up to 1.5 meters per second, and the average load is 2.5 tons. The robot is especially suitable for use in small special-shaped garages or super-large garages. For example, the underground garage next to the Confucius Temple subway station has no access ramps due to space constraints. The use of elevators and Robots not only solves the parking problem, but also makes full use of corner positions to park. “For example, there are more than 10 parking spaces in this garage that are impossible for car owners to park by themselves, but robots can.” A staff member at the scene said.

From foreign experience,mechanicalType three-dimensional parking equipment will be the main direction of urban parking industry development. “Currently, the three-dimensional parking facilities in Japan and other countries have accounted for 70%, and my country is less than 3%. The development potential is very huge.” Wang Liang suggested at the two sessions. At present, there is no better way to solve the parking problem than building a three-dimensional parking garage. Perhaps we can expect that the three-dimensional garage will “solve problems” for car owners.

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