Domestic chips urgently need to build a new ecology

At the 2019 Feiteng Ecological Partner Conference held recently, Shen Changxiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that in the face of the increasingly severe international cyberspace situation, it is necessary to base itself on national conditions and be driven by innovation to solve the problem that the core technology of chips is controlled by others.

The chip industry has large investment and slow returns. It is a “money-burning” industry. The product structure of domestic independent chips has long been at the middle and low end, and the self-sufficiency rate of Chinese chips has always been very low. The conference released the “Feiteng Security Architecture Specification PSPA1.0”, proposed an independent processor security platform architecture standard, and defined the software and hardware implementation specifications related to Feiteng chip security. chip implementation. Dou Qiang, general manager of Tianjin Feiteng Information Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that Feiteng’s chip product lineup is very complete, including three series of high-performance server CPU, high-efficiency desktop CPU and high-end embedded CPU. It can provide core computing power support for various types of devices from terminal to cloud.

It is worth noting that domestic chips as “latecomers” need to be recognized by the market and urgently need to build a new ecosystem. It is understood that Feiteng CPU is based on the open system ARM architecture, which has laid a good foundation for building an ecosystem. At this conference, domestic complete machine companies such as Great Wall, Lenovo, Inspur, Tongfang, Dawning, and Ziguang Hengyue released computer products based on Feiteng chips, involving domestic government affairs, corporate office, cloud computing, data centers, finance and other fields. .

“CPU is the foundation of the chip industry ecology.” Miao Zhanlu, deputy director of the Information Center of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, believes that with the increasing number of CPU manufacturers, in the future, when these systems are transferred to the external network and the internet, it will affect product stability and user experience. And the Industrial ecology puts forward higher requirements, and domestic chips must achieve closer cooperation in order to create a better future.

At the conference, Ouyang Jian, general manager of Baidu Kunlun chip, revealed that its Kunlun artificial intelligence chip is adapting to domestic Feiteng servers for performance tuning. He Ruan, chief architect of Tencent Cloud TStack, said that at present, Tencent Cloud platform, container platform, government WeChat, and security systems have been successfully migrated to Feiteng system. In addition, a large number of databases and big data suites are also actively adapting. Strive to complete the migration to the Feiteng system in early 2020.

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