Eaton’s xEnergy intelligent low-voltage authorized cabinet is officially released, achieving digital intelligent operation and maintenance

On September 1, Eaton, a global power management company, solemnly released the xEnergy intelligent low-voltage authorization cabinet. This product embodies the essence of Eaton’s century-old power management, integrates digital concepts, and has passed the TILVA green energy-saving product certification for low-voltage electrical appliances. It is flexible, safe and reliable. The three major values ​​of intelligent operation and maintenance enable future-oriented intelligent power distribution systems in industries such as rail transit, smart buildings, and data centers.

Eaton’s xEnergy intelligent low-voltage authorized cabinet is officially released, achieving digital intelligent operation and maintenance

Eaton is committed to writing the future of intelligent power, and its R&D and innovation are always in line with market insights. Facing the distributed facility distribution of the power distribution system, complex operation and maintenance management, strict reliability requirements, specialized industry scenarios, and emerging user needs, xEnergy intelligent low-voltage authorized cabinets are innovatively designed, combined with Eaton BrightlayerTM intelligent power distribution The management platform can monitor the operation status of equipment at any time, realize on-site and cloud management, and comprehensively optimize the whole life cycle management of power distribution assets from deployment to operation, thereby improving the reliability of power consumption and the operation and maintenance efficiency of the power distribution system.

Compact design, flexible configuration

The xEnergy intelligent low-voltage authorization cabinet adopts Eaton’s unified industrial design style, which maintains the aesthetics and considers the convenience of operation in all aspects. The top of the busbar is designed with a hinged flap type top cover, which is convenient for the installation and maintenance of the horizontal busbar. The cooling holes can be opened according to the IP level to ensure the heat dissipation effect. The non-hole lapped busbar system improves the cabinet assembly efficiency, effectively reduces the influence of the AC skin effect on the current-carrying capacity of the conductors, and improves the current-carrying capacity of the busbar.

The product has 8 standard cabinet types. The modular design can easily realize the mixed installation of ACB, drawer cabinets and fixed partition cabinets to improve the installation density of cabinets. The drawer design adopted, the electrical components of the incoming and outgoing line circuits are installed in the drawer, and one side supports 36 distribution circuits. The high-density layout makes the cabinet more compact, reduces the floor space, and greatly reduces the failure to the system. operational impact. When one circuit fails, the interchangeability of the drawer design ensures that the other circuit will not be affected for better continuous power supply.

 Excellent quality, safe and reliable

Switchgear is the key to ensuring the safety of the electrical system. The xEnergy intelligent low-voltage authorization cabinet uses Eaton’s high-quality core components to ensure that the system is always in good operating condition and implement safety. The rated current of the main busbar is up to 7200A, the rated short-time withstand current is up to 100kA/s, the rated current of the vertical distribution busbar of the drawer cabinet is up to 2000A, and the rated short-time withstand current is up to 80kA/s. The whole series of products have passed the type test certification and meet the requirements of GB7251.1/12 and IEC61439-1/2. They have perfect protection grades, seismic grades, arc protection, panel-level EMC, salt spray test, high-altitude test, etc. The test report can calmly deal with problems such as humidity in the power distribution room, accidental water ingress, condensation in winter, electromagnetic interference, environmental pollution, etc., and provide electricity safety guarantee for various harsh application environments.

The xEnergy intelligent low-voltage authorization cabinet introduces Eaton’s unique Arc free / Arc Proof design concept, and the Arc free fully insulated busbar system is optional to ensure the safety of personnel under arc faults. In addition, the modular cabinet structure can separate the busbar room, functional unit room, cable room, instrument room and other rooms from each other, and easily realize the Form4b separation type. The drawer also has an independent mechanical interlock function, which fully guarantees Safe operation by maintenance personnel.

Strategize and win thousands of miles

xEnergy intelligent low-voltage authorized cabinet, equipped with Eaton BrightlayerTM intelligent power distribution management platform, equipped with standardized in-cabinet sensors and communication suites, as well as local intelligent station control platform, helps users and panel factory partners with different needs to take advantage of digital transformation and realize intelligent operation and maintenance , improve the efficiency of business operations and energy use.

Eaton’s BrightlayerTM smart power distribution management platform is highly flexible and open, with minimal hardware installation and on-site access, true integration of IT/OT, rapid local deployment or cloud deployment, zero-based commissioning, and no IT technical thresholds. Station-based App operation, human-computer interaction is more convenient. Its extensive connectivity capabilities are not only friendly to docking with third-party system platforms, but also compatible with a large number of third-party devices, collecting and processing information in intelligent hardware, enabling users to achieve panoramic asset management and convenient intelligence for power distribution equipment and sites Operation and maintenance.

With the help of this platform, xEnergy intelligent low-voltage authorization cabinet can make the system present a more intuitive “digital expression” by monitoring key equipment such as frame circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, and miniature circuit breakers in the cabinet, and use digital twin technology to help users match The whole-link monitoring of the power system can easily grasp the health data of the power distribution equipment, and combined with Eaton’s expert knowledge, predictive operation and maintenance can be realized. When a fault occurs, it can also provide data before and after the fault, help to quickly locate the fault, restore the operation of the power distribution system in time, and completely break the “point-like” operation and maintenance bottleneck of the traditional power distribution system.

Smart products are the foundation of the digital ecosystem. Eaton xEnergy intelligent low-voltage authorization cabinets can bring innovative digitalization to end-users such as panel factories and rail transit, smart buildings, and data centers, whether from data collection, analysis, or later operation and maintenance. Experience, through efficient on-site and cloud management, comprehensively optimize the full life cycle management of power distribution assets, thereby helping users create a safer, more reliable, more efficient and greener power distribution system and release the huge potential of intelligent power distribution management!

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