Ecovacs Robot: Products that do not start from users are hooligans

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Suzhou people pay attention to food, which is beyond doubt. A good dish can make a long queue on a deserted street. Taste is an extremely subjective feeling, and consumers have their own choices. Diners spread word of mouth, attracting more people to come here – this is the power of word of mouth.

Today, the internet has greatly enhanced this power. Whether a product is good or not is up to the enterprise itself, and the user has the final say. As there is an adage in the industry: “Everything is user-centric, everything else will follow.”

Ecovacs Robot: Products that do not start from users are hooligans

New product Dibao DD3 user evaluation The picture comes from the screenshot of Tmall

Cobosrobot, This robot brand that starts from Suzhou and occupies half of the market is also well aware of this. The founder and chairman of the company, Qian Dongqi, believes that meeting the needs of users is the fundamental reason. “In order to satisfy the user’s pain points when we make smart hardware, we must focus on finding the user’s point, and finally meet the needs of such a user.”

Today, the sweeping robot represented by Dibao has become the smart product with the highest penetration rate in the world. However, in Qian Dongqi’s view, there are still some pain points of the robot vacuum cleaner that have not been completely resolved, such as low efficiency of sweeping and re-sweeping, and the water tank is too small to mop the floor. He said that in the process of product iteration, Ecovacs Robots are gradually overcoming these problems, and finally let sweeping robots replace people’s trivial labor.

At the beginning of 2017, Ecovacs Robot released the Blue Whale Cleaning System 2.0, which revolutionized the sweeping and mopping function of the sweeping robot. Qian Dongqi said, “Our goal five years ago was to not miss or repeat, sweep the floor and mop the floor. The Blue Whale Cleaning System 2.0 we just released should be achievable.” Previously, Ecovacs Robotics has successively launched the Smart Navi global planning system and the Smart Move path planning technology, which have greatly improved the intelligence and cleaning efficiency of the sweeping robot.

Dibao DD3, equipped with Blue Whale 2.0 and Smart Move path planning technology, also immediately became a popular new product all over the Internet. Dibao DD3 is scheduled to break 10,000 within a week of its launch? ——Created a new record in the sweeping Robot Industry. What is even more surprising is the large number of positive comments from users. As of April 27, the Ecovacs Tmall flagship store DD3 has nearly 6,000 comments, including a large number of 4-day, 5-day and 15-day follow-up reviews.

New product Dibao DD3 user evaluation The picture comes from the screenshot of Tmall

As mentioned above, whether a product is good or not is up to the enterprise itself, and the user has the final say. The user reputation of Dibao DD3 proves that it is a good product. It is a product that can solve the pain points of users by integrating planning and cleaning, sweeping and mopping.

Ecovacs robot attaches great importance to the voice of users. “Users first” is not an empty phrase here, but the fundamental orientation of Ecovacs robot product research and development.

In 2017, they proposed to create a “robot interconnection ecosystem”. Qian Dongqi explained: “Robots are different from household appliances in the general sense. Many users will name the robot at home and regard it as a member of the family. Then it is equivalent to a life, so users are more willing to associate it with Connect your own life.” Qian Dongqi said that to build a robot Internet ecosystem is to form an effective connection between brands and users, digitize users’ feelings when using them, promote product upgrades through feedback data, and ultimately provide users with more perfect products. “

The market also gave good feedback to Ecovacs robot. Data from Zhongyikang and Alibaba show that in 2016, Ecovacs Robot took the lead in the domestic market with a market share of 47% offline and 53% DaTao. At the same time, the performance of Ecovacs robot in the international market is also amazing. Citing data from Germany’s GFK, Ecovacs robot’s share in the German cleaning robot market in 2016 increased by nearly 200 times, reaching 19.4%; in Japan’s yahoo’s sweeping robot sales ranking, the top three are Products of Ecovacs Robot; in the United States “Black Friday” (Christmas promotion in American malls), Dibao DN78 staged a hot scene of selling out for half a day. The single-day sales ranked first in the Amazon sweeping robot category.

Blue is Ecovacs Robot data comes from German GKF

Qian Dongqi believes that in the future, the role of sweeping robots in users’ homes will be further extended and become as indispensable household appliances as refrigerators and washing machines: “My nanny, she told me that she would not work without sweeping robots. , like a home without a washing machine.”

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