Emerson’s new electric actuators are versatile, precise and reusable

The AVENTICS SPRA series of piston rod electric actuators utilize three different lead screw technologies to provide an unparalleled multifunctional experience better able to meet stringent application requirements

Emerson’s new electric actuators are versatile, precise and reusable

Emerson on June 22 released the new AVENTICS™ series of Servo Advanced (SPRA) electric actuators, a family of high-precision, reusable or piston-rod electric cylinders. While there is typically only one lead screw type of electric actuator on the market, SPRA actuators offer three lead screw technologies. These screw technologies include precision ball screws (for those applications that require high quality or throughput), cost-effective screw options, and roller screws for precision, speed, and heavy-duty requirements bar.

Users in the automotive, food and beverage, packaging, and life sciences industries can use this versatile range of flexibly configurable piston rod cylinder electric actuators to meet stringent application requirements such as improved sustainability or efficiency (no longer just to approximately meet the standard).

Linda Schwartzen, product marketing manager for Emerson’s AVENTICS Electric Actuator business, said: “AvENTICS SPRA series electric actuators, available in four sizes and a variety of mounting options, are cost-effective, high-performance solutions that cover most machine automation applications. The series is ISO-15552 compliant, a wide range of accessories are available, and our online calculation tools and configuration tools ensure that they are implemented correctly and meet stringent application requirements.”

Through a connected online tool, users can instantly size and customize electric actuators without software installation or registration. Users can download a CAD file directly during the configuration process, which contains all the content of the configured solution, such as electric cylinders, accessories, mounting options and motor adapters.

Emerson’s AVENTICS SPRA series of piston rod linear electric actuators are a cost-effective, high-performance solution for increased load capacity, accuracy and reliability.

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