Equipped with AI technology in the medical field: the first hair transplant robot to enter the Chinese market

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: On March 25th, ARTAS hair transplant in the United StatesrobotAnnounced its official entry into the Chinese market. It is understood that this is the only hair transplant robot in the world, which can improve the success rate of hair transplant and shorten the operation time.

Specifically, the success rate of hair follicle collection by the ARTAS hair transplant robot can reach about 90%, and the time it takes to implant 2,000 hairs can be shortened from 8 hours in the traditional way to 4 hours.

In April 2011, ARTAS hair transplant robot obtained US FDA certification and EU CE certification. By the end of December 2016, 146 institutions in 24 countries around the world were using ARTAS hair transplant Robots. On September 26, 2016, the ARTAS hair transplant robot was certified by my country’s CFDA. In 2017, the ARTAS hair transplant robot entered China and obtained the registration certificate for imported medical devices from the State Food and Drug Administration.

Zhuo Dexing, chairman of Sande Medical and Health Industry Holding Group, said in an interview with a 21st Century Business Herald reporter: “ARTAS hair transplant robot has been applied in the United States, Britain, Germany and other regions, and has been well received. Its introduction into China is a high-efficiency Bringing high energy into the field of hair transplantation will bring domestic hair transplantation technology into line with international standards.”

Hair transplant expert Zhang Chunjie told the 21st Century Business Herald that the use of hair transplant robots can save a lot of labor and solve the fatigue of doctors from repeated operations as much as possible. artificial intelligence technology also has great advantages in extracting hair follicles.

“I recently performed an operation with this machine, and the completeness rate of hair follicle extraction has reached 96%, while the traditional manual extraction is generally 80%-90%. We found through comparison that the recovered hair tissue after surgery will be better than artificial hair transplantation. more even,” he said.

He also said that in other medical fields other than hair transplantation, artificial intelligence technology has been widely adopted, and the application is very mature, such as catheter technology, cardiac stent technology, etc.

On the 25th, Aetas hair transplant robot also announced that it would cooperate with three financing institutions, namely Medical Purchase Loan, Yuanrun Capital, and Xiamen Chuangxin, to provide financing services for robot purchase institutions. It is understood that it takes about 8 million yuan to buy a machine, and the price is not cheap. If the purchasing institution needs financial support, the financing institution can provide funds for the purchasing institution, and then the buyer pays the financing institution in installments. The specific financing amount will be determined according to the qualification and background of the demander, which is related to its qualification and collateral, similar to the loan amount.

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