Facebook AI chief: Robots won’t take over the world

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: With the continuous development of AI (artificial intelligence), many people worry that in the near future,robotIt could take away human jobs and even take over the world, but some experts don’t think Robots are a threat. According to the British “Daily Mail” report on April 7, Facebook (Facebook) AI chief Yann LeCun (Yann LeCun) said that it will take some time to build a safe AI system, but under the checks and balances of social regulations, robots Not enough to worry about.

Facebook AI chief: Robots won’t take over the world

In an interview with US media Axios, Yang Lekun said that AI can help us maximize our interests, and at the same time, laws and regulations will make them ultimately under our control. “Most companies are only for profit, there is no good or bad, and society has formulated various rules and laws to prevent companies from going down the wrong road. The same is true for the development of AI.”

“We’re trying to build safe AI systems not because they’re going to take over the world, but to make sure the AI ​​works reliably,” he said. “Just like humans build planes that don’t crash, it’s going to take a while.”

In March of this year, Jeff Immelt, chairman of General Electric, also declared that robots taking jobs were “Silicon Valley imagination rather than reality.”But in fact, General ElectricautomationBillions have been invested in technology, which Immelt explained can stimulate workers to increase their value to create output. Now that robots are becoming more commonplace, workers with low education levels will face a job crisis. Immelt said that companies should vigorously improve the capabilities of workers so that they can do jobs that machines cannot.

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