First look at the exhibits at the Industrial Fair!Yaskawa Robot

This year’s China International Industry Fair Yaskawa will exhibit various types of demonstration machines. Looking forward to meeting you on the spot. (Booth No.: 8.1H-B257).

As the core power of the production site, Yaskawa uses the unique functions of the product group to provide users with comprehensive solutions through the combination of different products, and creates high added value ( The integration, intelligence and innovation of production site data) is the starting point to realize the establishment of a smart factory with “digital data management” and “smart manufacturing”.

This exhibition not only introduces the solutions of individual products, but also through the overall Display of each demonstration machine, so that customers can personally experience (integrated, intelligent, innovative) solutions at the production site at the exhibition site, and let customers I realized that Yaskawa’s solutions can add value to manufacturing sites in various industries.

First look at the exhibits at the Industrial Fair!Yaskawa Robot

Booth No.: 8.1H-B257

This issue will reveal the following highlights in advance

Robot Demonstration System

1. AIoT picking system

Create new added value through digital solutions

Use AI learning function to continuously train Robots, collect data through YCP, analyze independently, and achieve efficient picking operations.

  • feature:

①Using SCARA (model: MOTOMAN-SOC400) to achieve high-level motion speed and improve productivity.

②Six-axis manipulator (model: MOTOMAN-GP4), which can be installed upside down to save space. All-axis IP67 standard, improve environmental resistance performance.

③Train the model according to machine learning (collect data through YCP), conduct independent analysis, and realize self-disciplined picking operation.

④Using the robot‘s own sensor device, without relying on vision, to achieve precise picking operations.

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MOTOMAN-GP4 (left)

MOTOMAN-SOC400 (right)

2. Robot integrated education system – one-stop education platform

Create an AIoT talent training platform for intelligent manufacturing

  • Display content:

The robot simulates a variety of operation scenarios for users to learn, and can customize the display of running data.

  • feature:

①Using Yaskawa’s latest six-axis manipulator (model: MOTOMAN-GP4), it can realize high-speed operation in a compact layout.

②Using Yaskawa’s YCP software can automatically collect the operation status of the robot and peripheral equipment, and make corresponding diagnosis and prediction for the data obtained by analysis.

③Through the secondary development software Motoplus and the extended function module YPL of the simulation software, not only can the robot action be controlled by external equipment and the movement trajectory can be corrected in real time, but also the movement trajectory to avoid obstacles can be automatically planned.

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3. Human-machine collaborative robot automatic cleaning system

A safe and hygienic food processing line that realizes zero distance between man and machine and easy installation

  • Display content:

A collaborative robot automatically cleans fruit.

  • feature:

①The use of collaborative robots is highly safe, and no safety fence is required.

②The robot reaches the protection level of IP67, can be matched with a variety of tools, and can work underwater.

③The surface of the robot adopts electroplating process, and the interior adopts food-grade grease, which can be used for food processing.

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4. Intelligent arc welding system

Equipped with the automatic diagnosis function of arc welding to simplify the management of arc welding

  • Display content:

The six-axis manipulator (model: MOTOMAN-AR1440) is equipped with the X350 aluminum welding set to complete the welding of aluminum workpieces, and the welding data analysis is performed by the YASKAWA Cockpit software to realize the diagnosis, analysis and production improvement of abnormal welding.

  • feature:

①Hollow arm structure with built-in torch cable reduces interference to action, one power supply cable is easy to maintain, and has excellent environment-resistant wrist structure.

②The welding machine has the new EAGL construction method, and adopts the new servo motor ∑-7 to realize the high-speed response of welding, and the welding stability is improved.

③YASKAWA Cockpit software automatically collects arc welding-related data, analyzes and learns from welding data, and can better cooperate with field operators to analyze trends and causes of abnormal occurrences, and improve welding conditions and processes to achieve better products. control.

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September 26-30, 2022

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