From space soaring to deep sea exploration, Siemens takes you to 2023 CES!

Have you ever imagined…

Can you travel in space without undergoing rigorous training like an astronaut?

Planting vegetables and fruits in underwater farms, what will the food from the sea taste like?

That’s right! These are the innovative technology applications that Siemens and its partners will showcase at the 2023 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

On January 8, 2023, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just came to an end in Las Vegas. More than 3,200 technology companies from more than 170 countries and regions around the world participated in this three-day event. CES has always been a stage for Siemens to showcase its technology accumulation and innovative technology solutions. In today’s fast-changing era, Siemens is committed to helping partners implement innovations driven by technology and drawing a picture of future life.

From space soaring to deep sea exploration, Siemens takes you to 2023 CES!

Space Vision – take you to the edge of space to explore

What Space Perspective wants to achieve is a truly accessible way of space travel that doesn’t require rockets, weightlessness, or rigorous training—space travel that everyone can experience. How did they do it?

Space Vision uses giant balloons to send passengers into the stratosphere, and passengers float to the edge of space in the stratospheric manned vehicle “Neptune”. The vehicle can accommodate up to eight passengers, and the entire space journey takes about six hours. With this technology, passengers can gain an astronaut-like experience-being in the deep space and looking at the earth emitting blue light.

In order to ensure the comfort, safety and sustainability of manned aircraft, Space Vision needs a set of fully integrated tools that can manage the entire process from design, testing to manufacturing to maximize the reliability of the aircraft. Using Siemens Xcelerator, Space Vision creates a digital twin of the space vehicle in the digital world to test the space capsule and its related systems in a visual way, enabling Space Vision to accelerate its process and create the safest, most comfortable and sustainable way of space travel.

Garden Nemo – an agricultural base in the ocean

Nemo’s Garden is a unique underwater greenhouse located 130 feet below the sea in the Italian village of Noli, consisting of a huge transparent domed “biosphere” in which many herbs, vegetables and fruits grow, far away Wang looks like a huge jellyfish lying on the bottom of the sea. Nemo Garden hopes to grow more food for the global population through this kind of ocean farm, and make this process smarter and less labor-intensive.

In order to build the ocean farm, Nemo Garden used Siemens Xcelerator to build a comprehensive digital twin. This digital twin encompasses the entire design, including the inner workings of the biosphere and its external environment. Based on advanced simulation technology, the Siemens digital twin can test case scenarios for almost any situation and location, including the growth conditions of the biosphere, and the environmental impact on the biosphere itself and the surrounding waters.

In addition to Space Vision and Nemo Garden, Siemens has more cutting-edge technologies exhibited at CES, and the PAVE360 solution is also a hot spot of attention at the exhibition site. Siemens is committed to the dream of helping its partners create smarter, more efficient, and more earth-friendly vehicles. PAVE360 is based on this as a starting point to provide innovative power for autonomous vehicles. At CES, participants learned how PAVE360 can help achieve in-depth collaboration across the automotive ecosystem and promote closed-loop verification of autonomous driving systems.

Siemens is helping technology pioneers turn the most innovative ideas into world-changing realities. From the vehicles we drive on a daily basis, the trains we ride on, to the consumer products we carry around or use at home, from the food and drinks that fuel us to healthcare, from the deep sea to the deep space. Siemens is the driving force behind these basic necessities of life. With the help of the Siemens Xcelerator open digital business platform, enterprises of different industries and sizes can achieve digital transformation faster and realize the rapid and large-scale implementation of innovative technologies. Siemens will also share opportunities, create value and win the digital future with more partners.

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