Geek+ joins forces with Spanish 3PL giant Paack to build a European super-large-scale intelligent sorting benchmarking project

Geek+, the global AMR leader, has recently reached a partnership with Paack, a well-known European e-commerce delivery solution provider, to successfully deploy more than 270 AMR Robots in its distribution center in Madrid, Spain, realizing the ultra-large-scale fully flexible intelligent distribution in Europe. The sorting plan was implemented and helped it realize the two operation modes of “last mile sorting” and “cross-dock sorting” for the first time. The scale of the project has set a new benchmark for smart logistics in Europe.

Through system + robot coordination and intelligent scheduling, the distribution center can guarantee 99.99% order execution accuracy and can handle over 10,000 shipments per hour.

In the face of diversified market demands, more and more enterprises are not only satisfied with the simple automation of sorting links, but hope to solve the problems caused by loose coupling of multiple links through integrated management, and achieve timeliness and efficiency. Full-process automation that takes into account both cost and efficiency.

The Paack Madrid distribution center covers more than 27,000 square meters and handles the sorting of parcels destined for more than 80 cities in Spain. The new distribution center is divided into two parts: the mezzanine is used for sorting and the first floor is the shipping area.

Geek+ joins forces with Spanish 3PL giant Paack to build a European super-large-scale intelligent sorting benchmarking project

The Paack Madrid distribution center introduces the Jizhijia combined sorting solution

With the support of Jizhijia intelligent dispatching system, the sorting S series robots cooperate with the goods-to-person P series robots to provide customers with full-process robot automation solutions from sorting to receiving and changing boxes. The sorting robot transfers the package to the transport cage on the first floor through the chute, and the picking robot then delivers the package to the operator, further improving the overall efficiency and automation capability and reducing the distribution cost.

The sorting robot and the picking robot cooperate with each other to improve the overall efficiency

In Jizhijia’s fully flexible intelligent sorting solution, the two robots perform their own duties and interact with each other, and the system is unified scheduling to achieve real-time prediction and linkage between upper and lower levels; the global dynamic decision-making management supported by multiple algorithms achieves better sorting paths, The distribution of destination boxes is better, and the line for changing boxes is better, so as to achieve the overall improvement of the efficiency of sorting operations.

Zhang Jian, Vice President of GeekWire’s European Sales Business, said: “We are very proud of the performance of GeekWire and Paack’s cooperation project. Spain is one of GeekWire’s important territories in the European market, and this cooperation fully confirms GeekWire. Jia’s commitment to leading the industry to a higher stage of development.”

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