Going overseas to 25 countries in 1 year, ELITE robot has landed in the international market and press the fast forward button!

In 2022, Elite pressed the fast-forward button for his sea plan. Whether it is the successive establishment of overseas teams, the increase in orders from 25 countries and regions, or the exposure in major international exhibitions, it shows that Elite robot is an absolute “actionist” when going overseas. Next, please follow the editor to travel around the world and start the journey of the Elite robot to the sea~

Go to Europe

01 Germany

On June 24th, ELITE successfully concluded at the Automatica exhibition in Germany. ELITE established contact with many customers, and the follow-up inquiries and orders also made ELITE build confidence in developing the German market.

Going overseas to 25 countries in 1 year, ELITE robot has landed in the international market and press the fast forward button!

Then, on October 12, the FMB-2022 Mechanical Engineering Supplier Exhibition was successfully held at the Bad Saarsouflen Exhibition Center in Germany. The FMB exhibition originated in 2005. It originally existed as a supply platform for mechanical engineering technology, which is convenient for suppliers to Display their products. At the same time, more than 700 mechanical engineering companies have been established in related areas, becoming the most powerful mechanical engineering group in Germany. one. At this exhibition, ELITE and German integrators shared application solutions for collaborative robot sorting and welding to global customers and industry colleagues.

At the moment when all companies are launching welding process packages, the use of collaborative Robots in multi-SKU and small-batch welding scenarios is also attracting more and more attention. Since its establishment in 2018, Elite Robot has actively responded to the needs of users for welding applications, widely adapting to various brands of welding machines (including MEGMEET, Fronius, KEMPPI, AOTAI, ewim and other internationally renowned welding equipment manufacturers), and continues to provide customers with A practical solution for cobot welding.

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02 Italy

On May 24, SPS IPC DRIVES, an Italian Industrial automation system and components exhibition, was successfully held at the Parma International Exhibition Center in Italy. As a professional automation exhibition in the industry, the SPS series exhibition radiates and influences the entire European market. Elite cooperates with Italian authorized distributors and Italian integrators to demonstrate collaborative robots and scene-based solutions to global customers and industry colleagues.

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03 Portugal

On May 26, ELITE Portuguese authorized dealers appeared at the 360 ​​Tech Industry Exhibition. At this exhibition, ELITE displayed the application workstations of collaborative robot conveyor belt material transfer, visual inspection, etc., and showed customers the comprehensive advantages of collaborative robots: by combining quick change and adapting different forms of end tools, complete a variety of Pick and place of category items.

Go to Asia

04 Japan

On October 19th, ELITE Japan Branch presented application solutions such as conveyor belt loading and unloading, small torque tightening, gluing, grinding, visual sorting, and composite robot loading and unloading at 2022 Japan robot Week. In fact, Japan, as a country with a high level of robot ownership and application level, has been in contact with domestic robot manufacturers more and more in recent years. Through complementary advantages, it makes use of cost-effective robots made in China to provide Japanese medium-sized enterprises with flexible manufacturing and even new retail. Industry empowerment.

Since the establishment of Elite Robot Japan, it has been committed to bringing flexible, reliable, safe and easy-to-use 6-axis collaborative robot solutions to enterprises of different sizes and industries in Japan and Asian countries and regions. As the stepping stone of Elite Robot in the Japanese market, the CS series collaborative robots have also accepted orders and been put on sale one after another. It is foreseeable that the CS series products with fully upgraded software and hardware will be more in line with the needs of Japanese users in the future. Moreover, Local to Local will always run through every stage of ELITE’s overseas business, and flexibly adjust the implementation method in light of current conditions and regional differences.

Go to Asia

05 Türkiye

June 8-11, Istanbul, Turkey, ELITE Turkish partners at WIN automation 2022, the exhibition is an important platform for displaying industrial products and technologies in Eurasia. With the support of local partners, Elite exhibited collaborative robot workstations, and integrated visual sorting applications with ecological partners Dahuan and Mech-Mind, a complete set of cost-effective automated workstations for local users Very attractive.

North America

06 United States

From June 6th to 9th, Elite North America team exhibited at Automate, the largest and most influential automated robot exhibition in the United States. This exhibition is Elite’s first show at Automate. With its local team and technical services, as well as mature cases accumulated in various industries in recent years, Elite showed the world the down-to-earth “Made In China” B2B robot company.

The success of the North American debut has laid a solid foundation for the development of ELITE’s business in the United States. Pursuing victory, Elite North America team appeared at PACK EXPO, Chicago International Packaging Exhibition, from October 23 to 26. At the exhibition, EC616, as a highlight of this exhibition, attracted many customers to inquire. EC616 is the model with the largest load in the ELITE collaborative robot family, and will also focus on developing large-load application scenarios in the European and American markets.

The flexible and mobile collaborative robot palletizing application suitable for medium-batch, multi-variety, because of the addition of a 16kg robot with a larger load, makes it more adaptable, and it is likely to become the mainstream model in the European and American markets in the future.

to be continued

▲ Elite Robot International Market Layout

The demand for collaborative robot applications is not only “easy to use”, but also “inexpensive”. This is also the root cause of the growing momentum of domestic substitution in recent years. It is not easy for enterprises to go overseas. Elite will continue to deepen overseas channels, accelerate product improvement, improve its own services, give play to its differentiated advantages, start the brand of domestic robots, and let the wind of domestic robots blow to all parts of the world!

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