Good news!Midea Group won the 7th China Industry Award

On March 19, the 7th China Industry Awards Ceremony jointly organized by the China Federation of Industrial Economics and 13 national industry associations was held in Beijing. With its performance in technological innovation, quality management, and brand development, Midea Group, Won the 7th China Industry Award.

Good news!Midea Group won the 7th China Industry Award


3 major clusters and 12 sectors

Through years of continuous investment in technology and industry, Midea has built a modern industrial system and formed three industrial clusters of industrial infrastructure, industrial technology application, and industrial digitalization, covering industrial Robots, industrial automation, chips and semiconductors, core components, 12 industrial sectors including consumer appliances, smart medical care, smart transportation, smart city and energy management, industrial internet, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and software services have established an independent and complete industrial system. Through the green and low-carbon system, the three-generation technology system, the global intelligent manufacturing system, the digital system, and the global talent system, we will achieve green development, domestic substitution, independent research and development, and break monopoly, and are committed to establishing a global industrial leader.

In the future, Midea will continue to promote the implementation of the four major strategies of industrial innovation strategy, industrial upgrading strategy, industrial digitalization strategy, and green industrial strategy, build a future-oriented industrial system, promote high-quality development internally, and help upgrade the industrial chain externally, boosting China’s Industry leads the world.

research and development

Continuous high investment in cutting-edge technology

Midea has long insisted on high investment in scientific and technological research and development. In recent years, the investment has reached more than 3.5% of annual revenue. In the past five years, it has invested more than 50 billion yuan to build and improve the “four-level R&D system” and “2+4+N global R&D network”. (2 global full-category innovation parks, 4 full-category R&D centers, 29 non-full-category R&D centers) and “scientist talent system” to realize the industry-leading “three generations” R&D model (research generation, reserve generation, development generation). Deploy and invest in new cutting-edge technologies, especially increase investment in basic science, and break through technical barriers in multiple dimensions. In the past three years, more than 20,000 authorized invention patents have been obtained, and more than 280 technologies have been certified by international leaders. They have participated in national, international, industry and other technologies The standard exceeds 1300 items.


“5 all 5 numbers” intelligent quality management mode

Midea closely follows the development strategy of a quality powerhouse, focuses on high-quality development, moves from traditional quality to intelligent quality, and builds a global “5 all 5 numbers” intelligent quality management model to provide users with green, safe, intelligent, easy-to-use, Good product that lasts. Based on the guidance of the national NQI quality infrastructure framework, continue to increase infrastructure construction and talent introduction, focus on users, promote VOP and VOC methodology, increase the improvement of the entire process, and promote the reliability of the entire value chain to escort products , Laying the foundation for the high-quality and sustainable development of the enterprise. Based on this, Midea won the 4th China Quality Award.


“1+N” multiple global layout

Midea takes users as the center, regards quality as its life, and takes innovation as its soul. , GMCC, Welling, Lingwang Elevator, Wandong Medical” includes the “1+N” global multi-brand matrix and management mechanism, covering five major sectors: smart home, industrial technology, building technology, robotics and automation, and digital innovation. Across ToC and ToB multiple business areas, build a global localized user research and service network to meet the needs of diverse market segments and provide users with products and services that exceed expectations, benefiting about 500 million users in more than 200 countries and regions around the world .

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