Guangdong’s first intelligent tax-handling robot “on duty”

Guangdong’s first intelligent tax-handling robot “on duty”
Citizens handle business through “tax small energy”. (The picture is according to the official website of the Guangdong Provincial State Taxation Bureau)

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“Hi, hello! I’m Smart Taxpayerrobot‘Shui Xiaoneng’, I will handle the tax business, how can I help you? “”Shui Xiaoneng, I want to issue a special invoice on my behalf. “… The reporter learned on the 20th that Zhuhai State Land Taxation Co., Ltd. recently jointly launched the province’s first intelligent tax-handling robot “Shui Xiaoneng”. This intelligent tax-handling robot is 1.6 meters tall and has a 22-inch touch screen. The ability to speak, understand, etc., can provide taxpayers with intelligent and humanized tax services through voice recognition, touch interaction, mobile internet, and on-site walking.

At present, “Shui Xiaoneng” can handle the issuance of special VAT invoices on behalf of taxpayers, the quarterly declaration of small-scale taxpayers, the quarterly prepayment declaration for the approved collection of corporate income tax, the issuance of tax payment certificates, and the printing of tax credit rating certificates. Taking agency invoicing as an example, it used to take 30 minutes to complete the whole process at the fastest, but now “Tax Xiaoneng” can complete it in about 5 minutes, a time reduction of about 83%.

Issuing tax certificates and credit rating certificates is also quick and easy. In the past, these businesses had to be handled at the window, and the average waiting time was more than 30 minutes. Today, taxpayers only need to conduct a simple voice conversation or self-service operation, and the robot will automatically connect with the core collection and management system of the Golden Tax Phase III, extract and check the relevant data, and can directly print the electronic official seal of the competent tax bureau in less than 2 minutes. The tax certificate is exempted from queuing and waiting, realizing one-stop intelligent taxation.

The Zhuhai taxation department stated that the next step will continue to expand the taxation functions, and provide intelligent Robots with service standard functions such as tax reduction and tax reduction filing, general taxpayer registration, tax change, bank account filing, etc., bringing more comprehensive, more convenient, and More user-friendly smart tax service.

In addition, due to the normative and standardized characteristics of taxation business, “Tax Xiaoneng” can also be replicated and extended to all tax service offices in the city and even the province, which is expected to lead taxation services into the intelligent era.According to the Southern Net

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