Guaranteed as new!Demystifying ABB Robotic Motor Refurbishment Services

Guaranteed as new!Demystifying ABB Robotic Motor Refurbishment Services

The motor plays a decisive role in the safety, speed and precision of the robot’s operation. The precise motion control and reliable safety of ABB robots are inseparable from high-quality motor components.

In order to ensure that the production equipment maintains excellent as-new quality throughout its life cycle, ABB provides customers with a near-new level motor refurbishment service. What items are covered? Come find the answer in the video!

There are many motor parts, and non-professional testing cannot fully assess the risk, and the failure of any part may cause the robot to fail and interrupt production. Therefore, professional testing can not only minimize repair costs, but also ensure safety and avoid a lot of indirect costs caused by production line shutdowns.

Potentially malfunctioning motor parts

The motor re-inspection service launched by ABB adopts the same factory test standards and original spare parts as the new parts, and only replaces but does not repair the core key parts that affect the performance of the motor, such as seals, bearings, brakes, gears, etc., to ensure that the performance indicators of the delivered products are the same as those from the factory. Consistent standards. As a result, official repaired or refurbished parts are covered by the same warranty process as new, and can be guaranteed for up to 12 months or more.

Overhauling production equipment in advance can naturally avoid many failures. Of course, customers do not have to worry if they really encounter difficulties in the production process. As the world’s leading robotics technology provider, ABB has professional after-sales service teams in more than 100 regions in 53 countries around the world. Through close collaboration, ABB races against time for customers to resume work.

Field Service Team

When the robot fails, ABB’s resident service engineers covering various cities across the country can rush to the site as soon as possible to provide reliable on-site maintenance and quick solutions, assist on-site disassembly and installation of spare parts, and greatly reduce the transportation of spare parts. risk and save equipment downtime.

repair centre

The ABB robot local repair center can quickly prepare materials based on on-site first-hand diagnostic information, shortening the delivery cycle. The original professional maintenance and testing equipment can make the service more effective. In addition to solving common problems, the maintenance center also has major experts to help solve various difficult and miscellaneous diseases that appear on site, combined with engineering data.

Logistics Center

Last year, ABB officially opened its Asia-Pacific Logistics Center for Robot Spare Parts in Shanghai, providing spare parts support for same-day logistics to more than ten Asia-Pacific countries and regions including China, ensuring the safe operation of various precision parts and delivery. The time is shortened by 50%, which further improves the delivery speed of materials.

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