Han’s Robot made a wonderful appearance at the Electronica South China in Munich, and its collaborative robot products won the Excellent Product Award

Recently, the three-day 2022 Munich South China Electronics Fair ended successfully. As the world’s leading manufacturer of intelligent collaborative Robots, Han’s Robotics brought its popular flagship product – collaborative robot Elfin and its multi-station application full of highlights to the exhibition site, and was well received by CCTV and Shenzhen TV. On-site follow-up reports from a number of authoritative media.

Han’s Robot made a wonderful appearance at the Electronica South China in Munich, and its collaborative robot products won the Excellent Product Award

Focusing on the booming 3C electronics field, a Robotic arm that can be quickly and easily integrated into the production of various electronic equipment and technologies is an urgent demand in the current market. Han’s robots are characterized by high precision, safety, and easy assembly, and can be easily applied to various processes to improve product quality and reduce the risk of employee injury.

On the occasion of this annual grand event, Han’s Robotics demonstrated a variety of application scenarios to colleagues in the electronics industry, including screw locking, screw sorting, laser marking, laser welding, coil loading and unloading, and coffee robots. With rich product applications, the booth of Han’s Robot was favored and concerned by the customers on site.

1. Typical application Display, attracting countless eyes

1. Screw sorting

Han’s robot is equipped with a high-precision camera, and guides the robot to grab screws from the material frame through 3D vision and place them at the designated position. It can identify, grab and classify various screws randomly stacked, and is suitable for 3C electronics and automobiles. The factory needs sorting scenarios of various types of screws.

2. Laser marking

Combining the Han’s collaborative robot with the laser marking machine, by replacing the traditional marking machine lens moving guide, it can realize multi-directional automatic marking, greatly improve the degree of spatial freedom, and can mark barcodes, numbers, characters, patterns, etc.

3. Laser welding

Han’s robot—intelligent laser welding machine has compact structure, simple operation, stable and reliable, strong expandability, wide application range, and can realize splicing, lap jointing and angle jointing of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, copper, galvanized sheet and other materials Laser welding of various welding seam forms. It perfectly solves the problems of difficult operation of welding equipment and long teaching time for switching products. Only need to drag and drop operation, automatic programming can complete product welding, no professional welding and programming knowledge is required, even if you have zero foundation, you can easily and directly operate it.

4. Coil loading and unloading

Equipped with stable and reliable electric grippers, the Han’s robot can hold the SMD component material tray to the designated position through the electric gripper with stable inner support design in the 3C electronics production workshop, complete telescopic gripping and orderly loading into the chuck , material box and other working conditions, with a wide range of activities, flexible and easy to control, it is widely used in application scenarios such as SMT placement machine feeding, material tray picking and placing, and material tray storage.

5. Coffee robot

Han’s Robot and its partners jointly build a robot coffee bar, based on collaborative robots, integrating coffee making modules such as coffee machines and milk refrigerators, fully self-service ordering, and unmanned operation. Reduce the space restrictions of traditional coffee operations, and open the business after connecting to electricity. It solves the current pain point of high labor costs and high rental costs in the service industry, and creates a cup of freshly ground coffee that coffee lovers can afford, drink, and like to drink anytime, anywhere.

2. Won the award of the exhibition

When the exhibition is about to close, in view of the outstanding contribution of Han’s Robot in the electronics industry, Han’s Robot was awarded the “Excellent Product Award” by the organizer of the exhibition – the 24th China International Hi-Tech Fair. This is Han’s Robot Another important award won during the year represents the hard work of Han’s Robot in the electronics industry, and will further encourage Han’s Robot to stride forward on the road to become a global leader in the era of intelligent robots!

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