Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group (HRG) debuted at the South China Expo

From June 12 to 17, 2016, the 4th China-South Asia Expo, co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the Yunnan Provincial Government, was held in Kunming.Harbin Institute of TechnologyrobotThe Group (HRG) joined hands with Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center and Yunnan DreamWorks Robot Co., Ltd. to build a “robot experience center” with a strong sense of technology.ExhibitionInjecting intelligent elements, it can be called a beautiful scenery line on the scene.

“Robot Experience Center” is located on the 1st floor of Hall 13 of Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center. It consists of Robot Dream Factory, MEET FUTURE Park and Homo sapiens Restaurant. Here, the “Dream Kingdom” created by the Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group (HRG) with various robot products, complete sets of automatic production lines and virtual reality technology allows visitors to experience the charm of intelligent technology.

It is understood that Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center, which is affiliated to Yunnan Urban Investment Group, organizes this expo with the theme of “Amity, sincerity, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation”. There are more than 4,000 enterprises at home and abroad, with diverse levels and unprecedented scale. In the current era of the surging intelligent manufacturing industry, Yunnan Chengtou Group is committed to promoting the application of robot technology in various fields of society. During the construction of the “Robot Experience Center” project, the theme of the robot exhibition has been carefully designed to perfectly present the concept of contemporary Robots. The high-end robot promotion platform hopes to help Yunnan’s intelligent manufacturing industry leapfrog and upgrade through this project, and enhance Yunnan’s economic radiation effect on Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Yunnan DreamWorks Robot Co., Ltd. provides information on the needs of the jade processing industry, and jointly developed a non-standard customized jade production line with Harbin Institute of Technology Robotics Group (HRG), and has become the application demonstration unit of this production line in Yunnan. Yunnan DreamWorks Robot has always been committed to promoting intelligent production and processing technology in the field of jade and jadeite processing, creating a new era of intelligent processing and manufacturing in Southwest China.

Jade automatic production line sings “Robot Dream Factory”

  Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group (HRG) debuted at the South China Expo

The jade production line jointly developed by Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group (HRG) and Yunnan Dream Factory is undoubtedly the absolute protagonist of the “Dream Factory” exhibition area. With a speed and precision that surpasses that of a skilled craftsman, the line can operate quickly on a raw material basis, according to individual needs, to produce finely crafted works of art.

According to the jade processing process, the production line system consists of five modules: outbound, engraving, polishing, inbound and logistics. The production process can be customized according to customer needs, and it can be widely used in construction, decoration, 3C manufacturing, mobile phone production and assembly, precision parts production and other processing fields just by replacing some modules, units and equipment components.

The jade production line can independently optimize the work process, improve production efficiency, and reduce labor input and production costs. The production line is highly scalable and flexible, and each process link can be expanded, replaced or removed at any time; capacity information network sharing ensures timely response to changes in market demand and dynamic adjustment of the production line layout. In addition, personalized style customization can also be realized according to user needs.

The jade production line is based on “industryThe intelligent and flexible production line for jade processing based on the 4.0″ standard reforms the production mode from “centralized central control” to “enhanced decentralized control”, enabling processing to be personalized and mass customization, shortening the time to market and realizing flexibility.

It is worth mentioning that the water jet polishing machine also made a stunning appearance in “Dream Factory” this time. This product has the characteristics of high polishing accuracy, wide processing range and no damage to the workpiece. In addition to the processing of jade crafts, it can also be used in the fields of precision polishing of metal materials, precision polishing of hard and brittle materials, and three-dimensional polishing of three-dimensional structures. In the future, the water jet polishing machine may replace the vibration barrel polishing technology and become an important part of the jade production line.

A series of interactive experience projects shine in “MEET FUTURE Paradise”

Space flight cabin experience, big screen interactive experience, drone experience, anti-terrorist car experience, wall climbing robot competition, boxing robot competition, soccer robot competition… In the MEET FUTURE robot park, a series of dizzying interactive entertainment projects, Let the visitors who experience it in person shout “enjoyment”.


Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group (HRG) provides VR technical support for space flight capsule experience projects, AR technical support for large-screen interactive experience and rock climbing interactive projects; AR technical support and wall-climbing robot products for wall climbing robot competitions, and anti-terrorist vehicle experience. The project provides armed combat robot products; provides multi-rotor drone products for drone experience projects; provides educational robot products for SMA2 experience and CUB1 experience projects, and provides boxing robots and football robot products for boxing matches and football matches.

Among them, the space flight cabin experience, large-screen interactive experience and rock climbing interactive competitive projects bring tourists both visual and visual experience through virtual reality technology and augmented reality technology, and release the magic of science and technology; drones, anti-terrorism vehicles, educational robots The experience project brings tourists into close contact with robot products and enhances the perceptual cognition of modern artificial intelligence.


The wall climbing robot competition, boxing robot competition and football robot competition are in the form of competition, in personal confrontation and team cooperation, experience the fun of remote control robots, effectively train the senses, and encourage tourists to learn about robotsmechanicalStructure and assembly details, to achieve agile and free driving experience.

“Sapiens Restaurant” leads a new experience of intelligent dining service

Entering the “Homo sapiens Restaurant”, you will be greeted by a Robotic band playing in concert, dancing robots dancing, and robotic arms automatically roasting delicious prawns; coffee robots bring various drinks to the table, and food delivery robots bring delicious food to the table. to the diners.

Attentive service, polite attitude, superb cooking skills, all the robots in “Homo sapiens Restaurant” have unique skills. Here, a series of catering robots and entertainment robots produced by Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group (HRG) shine, bringing visitors a new intelligent dining experience.

In this restaurant with robots as the main element, the manipulator accurately placed the prawns on the grill, and turned them back and forth. After a while, the delicious prawns were deliciously baked; the cool, stylish and handsome Avatar Band and The dancing robot sings and dances, adding a joyful atmosphere to the performance stage.

Beside the dining table, the small coffee robot “Xiao Ka” methodically delivered the drinks needed by the guests slowly; the food delivery robot “Xiao Zhi” moved slowly along the preset track, carrying the dishes, and met guests on the way. He will also politely say “please get out of the way, thank you”, and then walk to the table to deliver the meal… A dining model with a sense of technology, fashion, and happy interaction between humans and robots is launched in Spring City.


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