“Hard Core” Assistance of New Power System Technology Innovation–Digital Shooting Range

Today, hosted by State Grid China Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd., Dongfang Electric Group Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Southern Power Grid Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., organized by Dongfang Electric Group Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., Fengtai Technology (Beijing) Co-organized by Co., Ltd., the first Power Network Security Shooting Range Innovation and Development Forum was successfully held in Chengdu. Gong Lianghua, general manager of Fengtai Technology, was invited to give a keynote speech.

“Hard Core” Assistance of New Power System Technology Innovation–Digital Shooting Range

General Manager Gong Lianghua said in his speech on the theme of “Using digital shooting range construction to assist new power system technology innovation” that network security shooting ranges that penetrate into the Industrial industry cannot be replicated. In other industries, in the practice of building more than 200 network security shooting ranges by Fengtai Technology, it is found that the long-term operation of digital shooting ranges in the power industry needs to be divided into four steps: consulting planning, testing and verification, operation management, and normalized operation and maintenance.

The technological innovation of the new power system requires digital shooting ranges to do full-service scenarios, and Parcel Technology is doing exactly 1:1 high-simulation power digital scenarios. The shooting range contains digital models of scene assets + network + behavior modeling and simulation, scene 3D + status + visual models of interactive modeling and simulation, subject models that empower security drills, test verification, tools and other subjects, and are full-dimensional and comprehensive. Scenarios, all elements, and the entire process of restoring electric power digital scenes.

The application construction path of the digital shooting range is divided into three auxiliary stages: basic, short-term, and long-term. The first stage is to improve security capabilities, that is, to establish service capabilities through personnel; the second stage is to empower the main business, that is, to improve productivity through technological breakthroughs; The third stage is digital intelligence transformation and innovation, that is, improving business models through technological innovation and growth.

The shooting range is the best support point for offensive and defensive practice. In the stage of improving security capabilities, through the safe operation of the shooting range, it supports the construction of a network security talent training system, builds a three-dimensional talent training system, and improves the core security capabilities of the team and personnel of the network security system. Safe “people, property and property” promotes the provision of “people”.

In the stage of enabling the main business, it is first necessary to sort out the current business functions (departmental business functions, unit business functions), future business planning, and then gradually enter modeling and simulation, digital shooting range, prototype deployment, and then return from prototype deployment to modeling With simulated and digital ranges. Implement test activities in such a cyclic and iterative manner, gradually increase the test level, and put forward network environment requirements for the test. In this way, the resource benefits of the digital shooting range test can be effectively brought into play, and the digital scene test can be properly guaranteed by the network environment.

Digitalization is one of the essential features of the new power system. In the stage of digital intelligence transformation and innovation, the digital simulation scenarios of the new power system need to be enhanced. Theoretically, there are physical simulation + information simulation + behavior simulation + data simulation. In practice, industrial robot data simulation, Industrial Robot data simulation, and DCS data simulation still need to be studied step by step. In terms of test adaptation and verification of new power system and new application, the digital shooting range can meet the needs of users such as smooth transition between the original system and new business, isolation of development environment and application environment, and safe development during the process of migrating to the cloud.

Fengtai Technology Digital Range provides analysis, design, R&D, integration, testing, evaluation, Training, drills, operation and maintenance and other full life cycle support services will continue to build a shooting range operation platform for the power industry in the future, empower the main business, and serve the digital transformation of the industry!

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