Hima Group successfully acquired Sella Controls

On February 1, 2023, Hima Group officially acquired the British system integrator – Sella Controls. The two parties signed the relevant agreement in Manchester, UK on January 31, hoping to continue to implement its growth strategy and expand its solution range in the railway and process industries in the future.

Hima Group successfully acquired Sella Controls

From left to right: Jörg de la Motte, Eddy Turnock, Ian Wright, Steffen Philipp, Chris Parr, Dr. Michael Löbig, John Blackwell

Steffen Philipp, executive partner of CM, said: “CM has maintained a long-term and close relationship with Sella Controls, and shares a common vision and values. After Sella Controls joins, CM is expected to accelerate international expansion and enhance global competitiveness.”

Hima and Sella Controls will continue to focus on safety automation, control solutions and digitalization of functional safety. Jörg de la Motte, CEO of SIMA, said: “The acquisition of Sella Controls is an important milestone in SIMA’s development strategy. By bringing together all parties, we will further consolidate and enhance our global position as a safe automation solution for the process and railway industries. “

Sella Controls has an important market position in the UK and Ireland, especially the expertise in the railway field and the combination of various solutions will help the Hima Group to flourish and expand in the international market. In addition, Hima is expected to further expand its process industry business in the UK and Ireland. CIMA is advancing the digitalization of functional safety with the theme of “Safety Goes Digital”.

After this acquisition, existing customers of Hima will receive stronger support, while customers of Sella Controls will enjoy more service packages.

“For Hima and Sella Controls, this is a win-win situation that can bring about multiple synergies: Hima will gain access to Sella Controls’ long-standing and rich experience in solutions in the railway industry, while Sella Controls will be able to leverage on Hima’s Global sales and service to grow our international business,” said Eddy Turnock, Chief Security Officer, Sella Controls.

Dr. Michael Löbig, Chief Financial Officer of SIMA, said: “The investment in Sella Controls demonstrates that growth through acquisitions is an important part of SIMA’s growth strategy.”

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