Hongjing Zhijia and Ambarella start strategic cooperation based on CV3-AD to jointly expand the global market

On February 8, 2023, Shanghai, China, Ambarella (hereinafter referred to as “Anbara”), focused onAIA semiconductor company for visual perception chips), and Hangzhou Hongjing Zhijia Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hongjing Zhijia”) announced that the two parties have officially become ecological strategic partners. Hongjing Zhijia’s intelligent driving solution product line will be equipped with Ambarella’s CV3-AD series AI SoC to develop a high-computing autopilot domain controller platform, and equipped with Hongjing Zhijia’s mass-production-level perception, driving and parking regulations. Control algorithm software to provide customers with high-level automatic driving solutions. The two parties will launch a series of cooperation to jointly explore the global market.

Hongjing Zhijia and Ambarella start strategic cooperation based on CV3-AD to jointly expand the global market

Relying on the full-stack self-developed technical advantages, Hongjing Zhijia combines its advanced perception software, driving and parking software, hardware design and system integration capabilities with Ambarella’s scalable and energy-efficient CV3-AD series chips, Give full play to the advantages of technology linkage to realize the integration of high-end automatic driving product lines and the landing of product applications.

Equipped with Ambarella CV3-AD series high computing power SoC, Hongjing Zhijia autonomous driving solution can collect more and more complete perception data and improve processing speed, thereby improving recognition accuracy and realizing more automatic driving functions. Ambarella’s CV3-AD SoC series integrates Ambarella’s new generation of CVflow AI computing architecture, which has higher software execution efficiency and lower power consumption compared with GPU and DSP architectures. This enables Hongjing Zhijia’s perception and parking software algorithms to have higher execution efficiency and lower power consumption, providing customers with excellent experience in assisted driving and automatic parking functions. Its 5nm automotive-standard manufacturing process further reduces the power consumption of the system. Solutions based on the CV3 chip enable the design of domain controllers with lower power consumption, greatly reducing thermal and power management requirements, reducing system cost and overall mechanical complexity.

Dr. Liu Feilong, founder and CEO of Hongjing Zhijia, said: “With the deepening of automobile intelligence, the market demand for high-level autonomous driving is increasing day by day. The strategic cooperation between Hongjing Zhijia and Ambarella, we hope that based on the The Pa CV3-AD chip develops a high-performance, low-power intelligent driving domain controller, equipped with Hongjing’s perception and parking software algorithms that have been polished by multiple customer mass production projects, to facilitate the mass production of high-level automatic driving, Provide customers with excellent experience such as high-level intelligent piloting assisted driving and memory parking. Based on this, we will deepen cooperation, jointly expand global markets and overseas business, demonstrate Chinese wisdom on the global stage, and empower the intelligentization of the auto industry at home and abroad change.”

Wang Fengmin, President and CEO of Ambarella, said: “After the strategic cooperation between Ambarella and Hongjing Zhijia, we can provide domestic and foreign customers with a new generation of high-computing autopilot domain controller platform with stronger performance and lower power consumption. We believe that, Ambarella’s CV3-AD series chip’s leading technological advantages in large computing power and low power consumption, as well as the strong support of our local team, can jointly develop excellent products with breakthroughs.”

The two parties will launch a series of in-depth cooperation starting from the high-computing automatic driving domain controller products, especially in the development of overseas markets, in order to establish industry-leading automatic driving products and create a common future for unmanned urban traffic travel and transportation systems. effort.

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