I heard that cars also need to “lose weight”? How can there be no TA!

In recent years, losing weight is not the patent of fitness experts, and many cars have also listed “reducing their own weight” as a top priority.

Whether it is a policy call for energy conservation and emission reduction, or the development needs of electric vehicles, “lightweight” has now become the future development trend of the automotive industry. On the basis of ensuring the stability, safety and comfort of vehicles, domestic and foreign auto manufacturers have used new materials to achieve weight reduction. At this time, materials that are lighter and stronger than traditional body materials are the first choice.

However, while reducing the weight of the vehicle body, lightweight materials also pose higher requirements and challenges to the vehicle body connection technology. In response to this situation, companies in different fields work together to find solutions.

In order to help the car’s “slim down” connection technology, a solution launched by KUKA has become an “eye-catching tool” as soon as it is unveiled.

I heard that cars also need to “lose weight”? How can there be no TA!
Connecting technology to help cars “slim down”

So, do you know what this eye-catching weapon is?

How exactly does TA open up new avenues for car body connectivity?

KUKA and Böllhoff

Co-launched body self-piercing riveting application package


Join forces to jointly launch self-piercing riveting solutions

KUKA, the world’s leading provider of robot-based automation solutions, and Böllhoff, one of the world’s leading suppliers of fastener systems and assembly technology, jointly launched the ready2_rivet self-piercing riveting solution mainly for car body construction.

The ready2_rivet self-piercing riveting solution, through the mechanical joining process of punching riveting, connects different materials with high strength in the same process, and the punching riveting operation is completed in one time. During the implementation of the scheme, there is no need for pre-opening, no cooling, and no pollution to the environment.

ready2_rivet self-piercing riveting solutions

Self-piercing riveting technology, efficient and convenient for a wide range of applications

With the KUKA joining process, press-formed individual workpieces are joined together using different processes in a machine for processing geometric workpieces.

The ready2_rivet self-piercing riveting solution that integrates advanced technologies in both fields can perform all common riveting work, fully conforms to the future development trend of “lightweight” automobiles, and can continue to bring more significant convenience and market competition to customers. strength advantage.

Core Competitive Advantages:

● The riveting process is controlled by PLC, which can easily realize the automatic production process;

● During the production process, tools, warehouses and molds can be automatically replaced and replenished;

● It is transported by a round pipe that matches the diameter of each rivet head, which can plan and implement mass production plans in a unified manner, and is not restricted by the variety of rivets;

● KR Quantec robot has superior performance and high flexibility;

● KR C4 control unit ensures reliable control of robot motion and speed by control technology;

● On the operation panel SmartPad, the robot and technological process can be set and controlled;

● The robot control system and the process control system are combined in the control cabinet, reducing the floor space.

With Böllhoff’s field-proven riveting technology and predefined configurations, the ready2_rivet automation software package can be seamlessly integrated into the production environment, increasing productivity in the field of punch riveting.

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