Improve the R&D efficiency and capabilities of technology companies in four dimensions, the way to win the market of Shiqiangchuang

Driven by basic cutting-edge technologies such as the internet of Things, big data, 5G, and artificial intelligence, the current application fields of electronic information manufacturing are characterized by diversification.

It is understood that the electronic information manufacturing industry has expanded from the traditional production of electronic products such as computers, communication equipment, and home appliances to automotive electronics, new energy management, smart grids, smart manufacturing, and smart homes.

Due to the large number of market participants, even if there is a head concentration effect in some fields, compared with the upstream electronic component manufacturing industry, the downstream electronic information manufacturing industry still presents a relatively decentralized pattern. Due to different application fields, there are differences in key technologies in various industries, and the technical requirements for electronic components are also diversified.

In this context, downstream electronic information manufacturing customers, especially small and medium-sized customers, have demands to pass on the technical requirements of electronic components to the original factory, but it is difficult to obtain docking with the upstream original factory in time; and due to the wide range of applications, an upstream electronics It is difficult for component suppliers to cover all customers’ technical support needs.

As the world’s leading ToB innovation R&D and supply service platform, Shiqiangqiangchuang relies on its profound component product technology accumulation and years of industry experience in serving downstream customers, according to the problems faced by electronic information manufacturing enterprises in the product development process, launched ” Knowledge, selection, research and production” one-stop technical support and R&D services to help them improve their innovation capabilities and shorten the R&D cycle.

“Knowledge”: the latest technology/product information of the original factory

In the process of product development, R&D engineers of electronic information manufacturing companies need to obtain a large amount of Industrial information and new technology information to understand the latest technologies/products in the upstream field, so as to determine product innovation and development plans.

On the platform, R&D engineers can check a large amount of the latest technology/product information of the original factory on its homepage. Just search for corresponding keywords, such as “XX Selection Guide” to obtain relevant parameter information.

As of July 31, 2022, the platform has launched 6,000 selection guides, 400 optimal solutions (innovative application solutions), 2.1 million product and technical materials, 50,000 new product and new technology information articles, and 80,000 technical questions Questions and answers, etc., for R&D engineers to download and consult.

At the same time, the Shiqiangchuang platform also launched a multi-theme “online new product seminar”, and each session can obtain 15-20 new technologies/product information of well-known original manufacturers, providing inspiration and direction for R&D project innovation.

  “Selection”: innovative solutions/new products

In the process of new product development, electronic information manufacturing enterprises need to choose the most suitable technology and product type for their design plan from among many new technologies and a large number of component products.

On the World Hard Innovation platform, electronic information manufacturing enterprises can not only search for corresponding keywords, but also consult a large number of materials required for project innovation, such as product specifications, selection guides, test reports, and various BOM replacement/technical solution cases, etc. It can also search for “selection help” to ask questions online, and application/technical experts will answer within 24 hours.

  “Research”: technical service/product support

In the process of product development or after mass production, electronic information manufacturing companies will encounter various professional problems that need to be solved, such as: product performance parameters are not understood, products are burned, and product signals are not available.

Electronic information manufacturing enterprises can inquire about product selection, software programming, product testing, product parameter information, samples, prices, delivery dates and other related questions on the “Technical Questions and Answers” interface on the right side of the homepage of the Shiqiangchuang platform.

It can also make an appointment for “product testing service” on the Shiqiangchuang platform to obtain relevant support. Just search for corresponding keywords, such as “EMC testing”, and you can get senior FAE assistance on site or remotely.

In addition, Shiqiangchuang also provides free sample application, product processing customization and other R&D services to help electronic information manufacturing companies shorten the R&D cycle.

Production: full range of products/personalized services

In mass production, electronic information manufacturing companies usually need to consider factors such as component supply, delivery time, price, and reliability.

As an authorized agent of more than 500 well-known original manufacturers in the world, the Shiqiang Hard Chuang platform has strong guarantees for category selection, supply chain services, product logistics, and product quality.

Its platform has a rich product line, including IC, components, resistance-capacitance sensors, electronic materials, motors, automation, instruments, etc., and the procurement needs of electronic information manufacturing enterprises can be met. Just search and enter “product model” on the home page of the platform to quickly query the price/delivery date. If there is a need for BOM optimization, it can also be submitted online, and FAE experts will reply within 24 hours.

Xiao Qing, president of Shiqiangchuang, said: “The R&D services of ‘knowledge, selection, research, and production’ of the Shiqiangchuang platform can be involved in the product design process, helping electronic information manufacturing enterprises to stimulate innovation capabilities; and providing software and hardware R&D technology Support, greatly shortening its product development cycle; providing a stable supply chain guarantee in the mass production link, speeding up the time to market.”

In the future, Shiqiangqiang will launch more services according to the difficulties encountered in the R&D process of the enterprise, so as to meet the diversified R&D needs of the enterprise.

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