In the field of investment, the robot industry may catch up with VR

OFweekRobotNetcom concluded in the first half of 2017 that in the field of investment, the recently popular VR industry has been surpassed by the robotics industry. With the development of economy and technology, these cutting-edge technologies are no longer out of reach, and can also play a unique role in the daily life of our people!

Robots have always been a symbol of high-tech, and the development prospects of intelligent robots have attracted a large number of enterprises to invest in their production and research and development. In recent years, the hot VR (Virtual Reality) has made friends full of “immersive” addiction, and many manufacturers have also taken a fancy to its unlimited development potential.

These new technologies seem to be high-end and gorgeous, and it seems that they will only be used in military,industryThe development of the class is “on the tip of the knife”, but it has actually been slowly integrated into our lives. So how can VR and robots help our daily lives? Let’s take a look with me.

Housework robot: a good helper in life

I believe everyone is quite familiar with the sweeping robot, which is the most common housework robot.

In addition to cleaning, smart robots can also perform simple cooking, food preparation and other tasks, freeing mothers’ hands.Some intelligent robots can also be controlled through mobile phone applications to realize functions such as remote video chat, voice call, face recognition, entertainment, remote control of home appliances, positioning and navigation, security alarm, physical health detection and auxiliary medical care, etc., which can help the owner take care of it. everyday life

Etiquette robot: ask shopping guide experts

Etiquette robots are generally placed in shopping malls, banks, exhibitions or other public places. Its task is to help customers complete self-service consultation, information access, map viewing, voice explanation and other services.

It is understood that some etiquette robots can also recognize the language and expressions of customers, and perform simple voice greetings and physical responses.

Teaching Robot: Accompanying Teaching Experts

Now there are teaching robots with different levels of intelligence on the market. For preschool children, such robots are cute and funny, and they are good partners for play and learning.

The intelligent teaching robot is pre-programmed into the language system, which can realize simple dialogue, talk and play with children. The built-in expression recognition system makes their behavior more vivid and achieves better interaction with people.

VR Shopping: Try on All Your Clothes at Home

With the boom of online shopping, VR shopping has become one of the most ideal ways to buy clothes. Afraid your pants won’t fit? The skirt looks fat? Try “upper body” to know. VR can restore real images well, making online shopping full of realism.

VR shopping can not only vividly Display products, but also can build shopping scenes to make customers’ ordinary perspectives realistic, so there is no pressure to go around the mall at home.

VR tourism: travel around the world without leaving home

Now that travel is getting more and more expensive, you want to see the Aegean Sea and feel the feelings of Tibet, but you don’t have enough time and money to just leave? VR tourism is here to help you! Putting on the VR glasses, the sea water in Barcelona is directly under the eyes, and it seems that you can pick the sweetest grapes in Xinjiang; the front is the passionate flower sea, and the vast starry sky is behind, all these can be easily achieved.

Although the current VR technology and intelligent Robot Industry are not yet mature, with the advancement of image and graphics technology and the development of people’s infinite imagination, it is believed that these cutting-edge technologies will enter our lives more widely in the near future.

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