Industry Cloud Summit | Exploring the Road to Dual Transformation of Chemical Oil and Gas Industry

  • How to meet the growing demand for chemical oil and gas products in the economy and society while achieving the dual carbon goal?
  • How to control the total carbon emissions of the industry, reduce the carbon footprint of the whole life cycle, and drive the carbon emission reduction of upstream and downstream industry chains?
  • How to unify the dual-carbon strategy with the improvement of corporate competitiveness, and transform the “dual-carbon goal” into “carbon-gold competitiveness”?
  • How to achieve high-quality development faster under the constraints of carbon reduction and low carbon?

The answers to these questions can be found at the 2022 Schneider Electric Chemical Oil & Gas Industry Cloud Summit.

This time, Shi Jia joined hands with industry experts and partners to jointly interpret the current living situation and look forward to the future development direction. Of course, there will be no shortage of sharing of various problem-solving ideas.

Idea one:

Promote digital, low-carbon and dual-transformation with a full life cycle layout

As an important pillar industry of the national economy, the production and operation of “stable, long-term, full and excellent” has always been the development goal of the chemical oil and gas industry. Carbon neutrality and sustainable development are currently one of the most important topics in the chemical oil and gas industry. The key lies in the management of the whole life cycle.

Industry enterprises should actively learn from domestic and foreign experience, take the initiative to deploy, and actively promote the full implementation of the concept of dual carbon and circular economy in the chemical oil and gas industry. At the same time of carbon and circular production and lifestyle, we will help Industrial upgrading with the help of technological innovation.

——Pang Guanglian

Deputy Secretary General of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

“Think big, start small” is to use “consultation-led, soft-hard combined” full-life-cycle solutions to seek new development opportunities and driving forces in the post-epidemic era, and to use digital empowerment to promote the safety, reliability and safety of the entire industry. sustainable development.

In the process of empowering the digital transformation of the chemical oil and gas industry, Shi Jia uses digital transformation consulting, sustainable development consulting and green intelligent manufacturing consulting to help the chemical oil and gas industry “think big and start small”. Guided by top-level strategic design, combined with its strong software capabilities, Shijia integrates key technologies in the two advantageous fields of automation and energy management, and launches a one-stop digital innovation solution covering the entire value chain of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry. The two top-level planning consultations of digital transformation and sustainable development can provide enterprises with a clear, executable, implementable and traceable roadmap for digital transformation and carbon emission reduction, combined with smart factory planning, energy efficiency dual carbon, electrical safety and other chemical oil and gas The key application scenarios of the industry, solidify the best practice operation and the best process into enterprise digital consulting services, from top to bottom, gradually and deeply promote enterprises to efficiently realize the “two-handed”, digitalization and low carbonization of green intelligent manufacturing and green energy management. Double Transformation”.

Industry Cloud Summit | Exploring the Road to Dual Transformation of Chemical Oil and Gas Industry

Idea two:

Digital empowerment to establish software solutions covering the entire life cycle of oil and gas chemical industry

For the construction of smart factories, Schneider Electric has brought “horizontal to side, vertical to bottom” digital software systems for customers in the chemical and oil and gas industries, running through the fields of industrial automation and energy management, helping to complete the transformation and presentation of data from the physical world to digital twins , to bring efficient operation and low-carbon development for chemical oil and gas enterprises in the whole life cycle of design, construction, operation and maintenance.

  • design phase

In order to fully realize digitalization and lay a solid foundation, the AVEVA E3D three-dimensional collaborative design platform is used to realize the integrated management and data transmission of engineering data, to meet the needs of integrated collaborative design, and to lay the foundation for the overall digital model of the factory; it covers the simulation and design of the power system. , monitoring, control, operator training, optimization and automation of ETAP power system analysis and optimization engineering solutions, the integrated digital twin platform will provide enterprises with the best power system optimization operation solutions;

  • construction stage

Build a compatible, open and scalable digital delivery platform. With AVEVA AIM asset information management, a 3D visual virtual factory management platform can be established to lay the foundation for the construction of a digital twin factory, thereby improving factory operation and maintenance efficiency, reducing downtime, improving Maintenance safety, improving the consistency of data in various management systems, reducing errors and accidents, and realizing digital asset management;

  • Operation stage

In-depth mining of data value, continuous optimization of “multi-pronged approach”, in the industrial field, AVEVA APC advanced process control brings “expert-level” precise control, realizes process level improvement, and combines with AVEVA RTO process real-time optimization to find optimal parameters , to achieve a two-way boost of benefit improvement and cost reduction; comprehensively use the AVEVA PI industrial big data management platform and the AVEVA UOC integrated operation center to create a unified platform for managing asset information and operation information, visualize factory information, and promote operations and the entire operation life. Sustainable innovation in cycles; in the field of energy management, clairvoyant asset advisor, a digital service platform for the whole life cycle of electrical asset health, can help factories monitor, track and analyze equipment conditions in real time, improve equipment utilization, prolong its service life, and improve power distribution systems Especially the reliability of electrical equipment;

  • maintenance phase

Predictive maintenance provides suggestions for the efficient and sustainable development of enterprises. With the help of big data analysis, early failures of key equipment are detected in advance, early warning and auxiliary diagnosis of failure causes are provided, and equipment reliability and availability are improved.

Smart factories are not only an important practice area of ​​intelligent manufacturing, but also an important carrier for enterprises to improve quality and efficiency, realize digital transformation and increase their core competitiveness. At this summit, Mingquan Group, a “model enterprise for the integration of industrialization and industrialization” shared the digital practice of building a smart factory with Shijia. With digital delivery projects as the basis for smart factory construction, Shijia’s strong asset information management based on AVEVA AIM It provides a high-quality engineering data transfer platform, successfully realizes digital delivery, and helps build an asset data base. In the later stage, with the help of the AVEVA PI real-time database, the process data base will be continuously improved, and the intelligent process of management of plant equipment, process, alarm, energy consumption, equipment and other aspects will be promoted.

Idea three:

Convergence and integration to help industry transformation through the integration of industrial automation and energy management

In the chemical oil and gas industry, process control and electrical control are often designed and operated independently of each other, forming two “data islands”. Unreachable data means that decisions cannot be made comprehensively, quickly and accurately. Ensure data accuracy and security. Schneider Electric’s integrated process automation and power distribution management solution (EcoStruxure™ Power & Process) integrated with AVEVA software solutions is the best choice for the chemical oil and gas industry. It can provide enterprises with necessary asset and production information to support value chain optimization decisions. Make various decisions at the operational level to be implemented, so as to discover more potential value.

EcoStruxure™ Power & Process allows production operators to timely and intuitively understand the operating status of equipment, identify potential risks or through early warning signals of electrical equipment, conduct maintenance operations in advance to ensure sustainable operation, or through rapid event diagnosis, fast start-up, reduce The loss caused by downtime makes the production process information and power distribution system information more transparent and intuitive, thus guiding the optimization of the production process and the improvement of efficiency.

In addition to these, Shijia also has the tried-and-tested “safety guard” Triconex safety system to escort chemical oil and gas practitioners. The three-level defense system of network, system and management security is also included to ensure the precise control and safe and stable operation of the device. Relying on the concept of green energy management, Shijia creates green, efficient, safe and reliable energy management solutions with the key innovations of “innovative products”, “end-to-end software” and “integration of