Intel’s intelligent robot white paper is released, and it will work with Smart Technology to jointly promote the intelligent upgrade of the industry

At present, in the face of a new round of Industrial revolution and technological revolution, China is seizing opportunities and facing challenges head-on, focusing on developing technologies, implementing applications, and optimizing structures to promote the high-quality development of Chinese Robots.

– “Intel Intelligent Robot White Paper”

Intel’s intelligent robot white paper is released, and it will work with Smart Technology to jointly promote the intelligent upgrade of the industry

Recently, Intel, together with Smart Technology and other partners in the field of robotics, jointly released the “Intel Intelligent robot White Paper”. The white paper sorts out the development of the domestic Robot Industry and describes the development and application trends of robots in the future.

It is mentioned in the white paper that Intel has fully demonstrated the cooperation between Intel and Smart Technology in industrial automation and intelligence by combining with Smart Technology’s huge and mature intelligence and automation ecosystem in logistics, manufacturing, supply chain and other scenarios. The results, as well as the huge potential and industrial upgrading value of the joint development of the two parties in the future.

More efficient cluster scheduling system

Improvement of terminal data processing capability

In the current process of warehouse intelligence, intelligent robots play a crucial role in it. However, since warehouses often require multiple logistics robots to collaborate at the same time, intelligent cluster scheduling for terminal intelligent robots is also an important development trend in the future. However, this cluster scheduling system has relatively high requirements on the data processing capability of the terminal equipment.

Combined with the Intel® Core™ processor, it meets the needs of Smart Technology for high-speed data processing and smooth operation of AMR robots.

Figure: The advantages of using Intel® products in the Smart Technology AMR series

The cooperation between Smart Technology and Intel has solved this problem very well. By deploying the Intel® Core™ processor on the AMR robot, the data processing efficiency of AMR has been greatly improved. Smart technology f(x) intelligent cluster scheduling system can integrate multiple factors such as warehouse space, travel routes, logistics workers, picking positions and robots, and combine with AMR mobile robots with single intelligence capabilities to achieve communication with staff. The efficient adaptation of AMR can meet the requirements of various system-level strategies such as collective single picking, single order picking, first picking and then sorting, and “make the best use of everything” for each AMR terminal to minimize and reduce the operating cost of the warehouse.

Smarter single terminal

Upgrade of automatic obstacle avoidance capability

With the increasing complexity of application scenarios, logistics robots will also develop in a more intelligent direction. Therefore, the requirements for the environmental perception and motion control capabilities of logistics robots will naturally rise. At present, multi-sensor fusion to achieve more accurate and efficient navigation and obstacle avoidance functions, and to achieve scene adaptation has become a major development trend.

In the past, most mobile robots used traditional laser sensors to perceive and identify surrounding obstacles. This is like a camera, the more advanced the lens, the higher the quality of the photos taken. However, the use of laser sensors with higher performance is a considerable cost for AGV and AMR companies.

Figure: Smart Technology AMR Series

Therefore, on the basis of Intel® RealSense™ depth camera and its own unique multi-sensor fusion algorithm, SmartMotion realizes the fusion of SmartMotion AMR and laser sensor, providing users with certain depth information of objects while providing image processing data. , which provides the possibility for users to use directly or further integrate with other sensors. So that the Smart Technology AMR can more accurately perceive and track the motion state of surrounding obstacles, realize flexible walking in complex and changing environments, and perfectly adapt to the mixed human-machine scene.

Smart Technology and Intel have been conducting in-depth cooperation and have achieved win-win results. On the one hand, Smart Technology has adopted AMR technology based on Intel® Core™ processor and Intel® RealSense™ depth camera on various mobile robots such as Flex, Max and Apex; on the other hand, with Smart Technology’s practice, Intel has also obtained Practical experience in digitization and automation in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, medicine, retail and other scenarios.

At present, under the general situation of greening and digital transformation, the end-to-end digital infrastructure based on software definition has become the top priority, which is also the direction that Smart Technology and Intel have been working towards for a long time. Next, Smart Technology will further expand the scope of cooperation with Intel, jointly explore more intelligent, more efficient and more flexible ways, and use smart logistics as a guide to jointly promote the digitalization process of the industry.

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