Kai-Fu Lee: I will never upload my brain, I will collaborate with AI

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Kai-Fu Lee has recently become a “missionary” of artificial intelligence. He not only wants the “Innovation Workshop” he founded to become a venture capital firm that understands artificial intelligence the most, but also recently published a new book “Artificial Intelligence”. Why is Kai-Fu Lee so optimistic about AI? Is he optimistic or pessimistic about the impact of AI’s development?

How to judge which AI startup teams to invest in?

As a VC who understands AI best, how does the Innovation Workshop led by Kai-Fu Lee decide which AI teams to invest in? Kai-Fu Lee has said in the past that 50% of the innovation workshop’s investment is concentrated in entrepreneurial teams in the field of artificial intelligence. It has successively invested 100 million US dollars in facial recognition, small loan and other companies.

Kai-Fu Lee does not deny that there are many “bragging” startups in the field of artificial intelligence that are not ideal investment targets, so they need to be carefully selected. When asked if the innovation workshop uses artificial intelligence to select artificial intelligence teams worthy of investment, Kai-Fu Lee admitted that there is absolutely no, because the job of venture capital is the most difficult to be replaced by artificial intelligence, so in the process of looking for investment targets, It will also not use artificial intelligence, but rely on the more valuable human intelligence.

So how is the team selected?

1. Innovation Workshop does not invest in any unproven technology.

2. Even if it is verified and feasible, how to obtain business value is what the innovation workshop cares about.

3. Are the talents of this team very powerful? Venture capital does not expect the team to invent new technologies, but at least they must know how to master them.

The above are the three basic principles of investing in entrepreneurial teams, but investing is not just about picking a good team and ending, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, which is almost always a top scientist Discuss how to apply and whether there are any opportunities for cooperation to create more business value and become the team’s most trusted advisor.

Therefore, some artificial intelligence teams currently invested, such as face recognition technology, are trying to see if it can be applied to mobile phone unlocking, e-commerce services, security applications and other fields. As for the small loan team, because many people in China do not have credit cards, it is embarrassing to borrow money from acquaintances. This kind of demand does exist, but the bad debt rate is very high. Through the application of artificial intelligence, it can be used to judge whether this person can lend him money? Try to reduce the bad debt rate. These applications are becoming more and more mature. In terms of small loans, there are currently 1.5 million orders per month, with each order reaching 1,000 yuan, and the accumulated amount in one year is 18 billion, which has exceeded the scale of banks. .

The right technology, coupled with clear business needs, can have explosive growth.

The technology of artificial intelligence is mature, but not yet platformized

When it comes to the development of technology, at present artificial intelligence still emphasizes the participation of scientists, which is very different from the development of Internet entrepreneurship in the past, which did not pay much attention to academic qualifications or academics. Will academic qualifications be re-emphasized in Silicon Valley?

Kai-Fu Lee believes that artificial intelligence is just at the beginning stage, scientists are indeed very important, and as the technology matures and the technology can be platformized, when engineers can open a toolbox and select suitable tools to use artificial intelligence Intelligent technology does not need so many scientists, and artificial intelligence is also considered popular. Now the mainstream deep learning technology is very mature, but it has not developed to become a platform, so many scientists are still needed.

The characteristic of artificial intelligence is that it will evolve itself, even to the extent that humans cannot interpret or understand it. So if artificial intelligence is used to process whether to lend to someone, because the review mechanism is learned by artificial intelligence, and it is rejected without knowing the reason, will this cause problems? Kai-Fu Lee is very optimistic. This advantage can also be used in reverse, just because people can’t understand it, and it may be a better explanation if it cannot be explained. Through the application of artificial intelligence, some commercial secrets are also protected. It’s just that I don’t know why the loan was rejected, and it was decided by the computer. Is it really okay?

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