Kurzweil: Nanorobots will enter the human body by 2030

Kurzweil: Nanorobots will enter the human body by 2030

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Futurist Dave Evans shares his vision for the future of human-computer interaction with the public.In an interview with James Bedsole, Evans explains James Bedsole’s commitment to nanotechnology by 2030robotPrediction.

Ray Kurzweil, Google’s director of engineering, is a well-known futurist who seems to have an innate accuracy in predictions. Recently, he reiterated his prediction that the so-called “technological singularity” will arrive in 2045. For Kurzweil, this does not mean the end of AI machines.

Instead, it means that humans will be propelled by machines. Kurzweil believes that nanorobots will enter our bodies in the 2030s as part of the human machine. These tiny robots will flow through our arteries, keep us healthy, and transmit our brain consciousness to the cloud.

Another futurist, Dave Evans, founder and CTO of Silicon Valley startup Stringify, explained Kurzweil’s ideas about nanorobots in a February interview with James Bedsole. Evans explained that he doesn’t think the fusion of technology and biology is far-fetched at all.

In fact, he describes three stages of this process: the wearables stage (which we have implemented so far), the embeddables stage (where the devices will be embedded in our brains or neural implants, etc.) and replaceable devices stage.

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