Lecheng parenting robot cross talk performance amazes Shanghai International Robot Exhibition

Lecheng parenting robot cross talk performance amazes Shanghai International Robot Exhibition
2016 China Internationalrobotexhibitiondoorway
Le Orange’s “1+2” ​​business core
The cross talk performance of the Lecheng parenting robot

On July 6, 2016, Dahua’s video networking brand “Le Orange” brought its parenting robot “Xiao Le” and many smart products to the 2016 China International Robot Exhibition (CIROS2016).In addition to focusing on intelligent manufacturing andindustryThe latest technology and achievements of Robots, service robots and special robots from Japan, Russia, Switzerland, France, Hungary, South Korea, China, Taiwan, etc., will also meet with citizens.currentExhibitionWith the theme of “Wisdom, Quality and Efficiency”, the robot manufacturing industry, the entire supplier robot body manufacturer,automationMore than 320 companies including system integrators, parts suppliers, software application control manufacturers, vision and 3d equipment manufacturers participated in the exhibition.

Dahua’s Le Orange brand is a provider of cloud video capabilities. It has launched a cloud open platform with the “trinity” of video intelligent hardware, video cloud and video intelligent technology to provide perfect solutions and capabilities for video applications. As we all know, Dahua is a leader in the global security industry. Le Orange has inherited Dahua’s core technology in the video industry, combined with market observation and judgment, and launched the “1+2” ​​business core. “1” refers to the open video capability platform we built, and “2” refers to the two 2c vertical fields, smart security and smart mother and baby.

In May of this year, Le Orange launched the parenting robot “Xiao Le”, targeting the family market for children aged 0-9, aiming to accompany, record and educate children’s growth. The release of “Xiao Le” is the first step of Le Orange in the field of in-depth intelligent mother and baby, and it is also a successful case of Le Orange’s continuous application of its own video technology to develop more services with the basic functions of intelligent hardware as the core.

At the robot exhibition site, Le Orange’s parenting robot “Xiao Le” once again performed magical skills. As soon as it appeared, the two Xiaole had an interesting and lively cross talk dialogue, which attracted a lot of laughter. The playful language and cute expression seemed to Xiaole. Suddenly became a comedian. Xiaole’s unique voice is highly recognizable, and channel dealers, distributors and merchants at the scene have come forward to negotiate the signing of the contract.

It is the first time that Xiaole has been so popular at such an exhibition where robots are gathered, said Fang in charge of the exhibition. Xiaole interacted cordially with the audience, sang, danced, said cross talk decathlon, took photos, made video calls, and answered questions about parenting, which filled the entire exhibition with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, and brought more VIP exhibitors under the scorching sun. A cool mood.

In addition, Le Orange also exhibited the upcoming new product in the field of smart mother and baby – Le Orange Baby Monitor, as well as many star products in the field of intelligent security, including wide-angle camera TC3, 360° big eye TP1, small Doubao TC1 home camera, door sensor, intelligent alarm gateway, etc.

In the future, Le Orange will continue to use video as its core technology to launch more smart security, smart mother and baby products. Le Orange aims to use more products to let more users “see the invisible value”, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of video technology.

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