Live Appointment | FLIR Software Live Class Session 3: How to Master R&D Analysis Software?


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Teledyne FLIR live room will start again~

This time mainly focuses on FLIR’s research and development of analysis software

Conduct detailed online teaching and answer questions

  September 22 (Thursday) 14:00-16:00

At that time, Xiaofei will be waiting for you in the live broadcast room~

  # Live protagonist: FLIR research and development analysis software#

FLIR Research Studio R&D analysis software provides powerful recording and analysis functions for various R&D application scenarios with an intuitive user interface. This advanced, advanced thermal analysis software provides a streamlined workflow for displaying, recording and evaluating data from multiple FLIR thermal cameras simultaneously, allowing you to quickly interpret and understand critical information.

With advanced thermal analysis capabilities and recording controls, researchers can capture precise thermal data and quickly share it with colleagues in standard file formats. FLIR Research Studio also features multi-language and multi-platform support (Windows, MacOS, Linux) to improve collaboration among team members, increase efficiency and help reduce the potential for false positives.

FLIR R & D analysis software video detailed introduction

  # Live broadcast points: master the installation and use of software#

In this live broadcast, you will learn the following:

★ Install and apply the Research Studio certificate, as well as install software and hardware environment requirements, certificate application and migration;

★ Introduce the concise and clear workspace concept of Research Studio, and how to layout and save the workspace, etc.;

★ Analyze infrared images and infrared videos in Research Studio;

★ Real-time connection and operation control of thermal imager in Research Studio;

★ Video programming function of Research Studio;

★ Rich custom export function for infrared full radiation video;

★ Research Studio Player features and uses of this free player.

  Lecturer: Sun Yu (Neo), senior lecturer of ITC infrared training

Teledyne FLIR’s Infrared Training Center (ITC) course training instructor, holds ITC first and second certificates, and has 6+ years of technical training instructor career. Graduated from Fuzhou University majoring in Industrial electrical automation. I love physics, and I like to analyze and deal with problems from a rational point of view. In 2018, he joined FLIR and engaged in the training of infrared thermographers, as well as application training for users in various industries.

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  Live Appointment | FLIR Software Live Class Session 3: How to Master R&D Analysis Software?

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Teledyne FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies subsidiary, is a premier leader in smart sensing solutions for defense and industrial applications, with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide. Founded in 1978, the company has been focused on designing, developing, producing, marketing and promoting specialized technologies for enhanced situational awareness. Help professionals make better, faster decisions that save and improve lives through infrared thermal imaging, visible light imaging, video analytics, measurement and diagnostics, and advanced threat detection systems. For more information, please visit or follow the WeChat official account of “Filier”.

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