Mobile robots are insured for “work-related injuries”, “serious illnesses” and “three responsibilities”!

Imagine that the Robots in the factory are responsible for the flow of materials between the production lines and work 24×7. They collaborate with humans and engage in Industrial production activities together. Today, these emerging employees will also suffer from “work-related injuries” just like humans. “Critical Illness”, “Three Responsibilities” and other insurances.

Large-scale landing

Mobile robots become smart factory logistics infrastructure

Recently, Youai Zhihe has joined hands with China Re Property Insurance, PICC Property and Casualty Insurance, and Dinghe Property Insurance to insure mobile robot products. This is the first mobile robot insurance in China, setting a precedent for the commercialization of industrial mobile robot insurance.

Under the background of the national “smart manufacturing” and “dual carbon” strategy, mobile robots promote the transformation and development of low-carbon emission reduction in many industries such as traditional manufacturing, logistics, new energy, and electric power, and constitute an indispensable infrastructure for the construction of smart factory logistics. .

Data from the China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance shows that in 2021, domestic industrial mobile robots will sell 7,200 units, with sales reaching 12.6 billion yuan.

At present, due to the comprehensive impact of labor dividends, structural migration of industrial labor, and the epidemic, mobile robots have become an important new productive force to fill the labor gap and promote industrial upgrading. They are an important determinant of factory production efficiency and quality, and more responsible for enterprises. Responsibilities and risks of continuous, stable and efficient operation.

Mobile robots are insured for “work-related injuries”, “serious illnesses” and “three responsibilities”!

Production responsibility product quality Cyber

Mobile robots are protected against multiple risks

As a cutting-edge technology industry, the risks of mobile robots are unique, and traditional insurance products cannot meet their risk protection needs.

In order to promote the steady development of the industry, Youai Zhihe has jointly explored with China Re Property & Casualty Insurance, PICC Property & Casualty Insurance, and Dinghe Property & Casualty Insurance. , electrical, network risk and other indicators, strictly design risk solutions, and innovatively launch the “Mobile Robot Quality Liability Insurance” to escort the high-quality development of the mobile Robot Industry.

It is worth noting that Mobile Robot Insurance has also expanded Cyber ​​Insurance, which compensates for data recovery and software repair, optimization, and upgrade costs caused by hacker attacks. The popularization and development of mobile robot insurance.

Youaizhihe became the first company to insure mobile robots on a large scale.

The relevant person in charge of PICC Property and Casualty said: “The leading companies in the mobile robot industry have entered the stage of large-scale implementation today. We seized the opportunity of the times and joined hands with leading domestic mobile robot companies and leading insurance companies to jointly explore and launch mobile robots. Commercial insurance provides risk protection for mobile robots, improves the trust of end users in the mobile robot industry, promotes the large-scale application of mobile robots, and accelerates the pace of intelligent construction of the second type of industry.”

“This insurance innovation is a progress in the business model. On the one hand, it marks that the safety and reliability of large-scale deployment of mobile robots has been fully verified by the market. On the other hand, it can better help users resist risks and reduce the cost of intelligent transformation. The threshold will accelerate the pace of intelligent construction of the overall industry.” said Zhang Chaohui, founder and CEO of Youai Zhihe.

shared responsibility

Reconstruction of social production relations in the era of intelligent manufacturing

At present, UAI Zhihe’s mobile robots have landed on a large scale in electronic manufacturing, new energy and other fields, and are widely used in semiconductor, 3C, lithium battery, electric power and other industries. Thousands of mobile robots in operation are in more than 200 factories 7* Working 24 hours a day, the number of waybills executed per day exceeds 600,000, and the total operating mileage exceeds 120,000 Km. The accumulated value of the materials handled is high.

Li Jinke, Secretary General of China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance and Director of the New Strategic Mobile Robot Industry Research Institute, said: “In recent years, the mobile robot market has developed vigorously and has been applied on a large scale in industry, commerce and service industries. For the traction of some enterprises, to help China’s intelligent manufacturing, and to build a stable and complete application service guarantee system for the mobile robot industry, it has been put on the agenda.”

“Youaizhihe is not only a service provider for customers, but also a responsibility sharer for customers. Starting from the goal of ‘customer success’, we insure mobile robots for sophisticated manufacturing scenarios and high-risk and complex inspection operation scenarios. , which will bring more risk protection to customers and strengthen the confidence of industrial users. Mobile robots have been transformed from production tools into stable and mature advanced productivity in the industrial field. I hope this cooperation can produce social production in the era of intelligent manufacturing. Relationship building has taken an exploratory step.” Zhang Zhaohui said.

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