Neusoft and Sokon Co., Ltd. reach a strategic cooperation to accelerate the development of automobile intelligence

Neusoft Group and Chongqing Xiaokang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will carry out strategic cooperation in the direction of “automobile intelligence, automobile networking, and automobile electrification”, and jointly plan and develop intelligent cockpit systems, V2X, Future products and platforms, including smart travel products, automotive marketing platforms, and vehicle information security, will further meet the market‘s demand for smarter, safer and more environmentally friendly automotive products.

Neusoft and Sokon Co., Ltd. reach a strategic cooperation to accelerate the development of automobile intelligence
Neusoft and Xiaokang Co., Ltd. reach strategic cooperation

The cooperation between the two parties will be carried out in the following directions:

In the direction of in-vehicle products, based on Xiaokang’s new model planning and mass-produced model replacement needs, jointly promote in-depth cooperation in the top-level design and technical planning of new vehicle-mounted products;

In the direction of the internet of Vehicles, on the basis of the intelligent networked system platform and network security protection deployment cooperation that has been achieved, combined with the actual needs of Xiaokang, gradually expand and enrich application-based functional modules, such as marketing platforms, shared travel, taxis, car Internet big data, etc.;

In the direction of new energy, jointly promote cooperation in new energy fields such as new energy vehicle power battery (PACK), battery management (BMS), battery big data, and intelligent charging system (ICS);

In the direction of autonomous driving, in-depth discussions and cooperation on related technologies, products and mass production of L0-L5 autonomous driving and basic software platform NeuSAR will be conducted to further adapt to the needs of complete vehicles and future development.

In addition, the two parties will also cooperate in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, scientific research and technological innovation, IT talent education and training, and give full play to their respective advantages to promote lean production of enterprises, promote the development of automobile technology, cultivate and reserve future automobile talents, and contribute to the ecological construction of the industry. Wait for the set up.

Prior to this, Neusoft had cooperated with Sokon Group’s Jinconsialis and Dongfeng Sokon in the fields of in-vehicle infotainment system, full LCD instrumentation, T-Box, and car networking platform. The achievement of this strategic cooperation is to further deepen and consolidate the cooperative relationship between the two parties. In the future, the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages, strengthen technical exchanges, jointly promote the development process of automobile intelligence, networking and electrification, and drive the upgrading of automobiles and automobile intelligent software and hardware products and industries.

Neusoft has nearly 30 years of experience in serving world-renowned automakers in the automotive field. So far, its business has covered four major areas of intelligence, networking, electrification, and sharing, which represent the future development direction of the automotive industry. In recent years, under the background of “software-defined automobile”, Neusoft has continuously exerted its inherent advantages in the field of software, actively cooperated with upstream and downstream enterprises in the automobile industry chain, and continuously promoted the development of the automobile industry with new technologies and new products.

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