“Number” says my country’s first 10,000-meter underwater robot

Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang, August 31st: “Numbers” say my country’s first 10,000-meter underwaterrobot

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ying

Shenyang, Chinese Academy of SciencesautomationThe “Haidou” underwater robot developed by the institute was successfully applied in my country’s first 10,000-meter abyss scientific expedition voyage, setting a record for the largest diving and operating depth of my country’s underwater robot. What are the key technologies of “Haidou”? How is the sea trial process? Li Shuo, assistant to the director of the Shenyang Institute of Automation and director of the Underwater Robot Research Office, and Tang Yuangui, an associate researcher, were interviewed by reporters on the 30th and introduced some key figures behind the “Haidou”.

“First” – 1.2 meters in height, 0.85 meters in width, 0.4 meters in thickness, flat and round body, with only a small white rotatable propeller on each side of the smooth surface, it looks like Like a “yellow ice cream” with two small wings. However, this “little guy” has achieved two “firsts”: it is the first underwater robot in my country that can dive to a depth of more than 10,000 meters and complete the application of scientific research in the deep seas. temperature and salinity data of the whole-ocean depth profile.

“Four items” – In my country’s first comprehensive 10,000-meter abyss scientific expedition, that is, the “Exploration No. 1” ship TS01-01 voyage, the “Haidou” underwater robot successfully obtained two nine-kilometer-level and two The temperature and salinity data of the vertical section of the 10,000-meter-level abyss provide valuable basic information for studying the spatial variation of the characteristics of the water mass in the Haidou abyss and the current structure at the bottom of the abyss, as well as the design of 10,000-meter unmanned/manned submersibles.

“Seven times” – During the 52-day scientific expedition, the “Haidou” dived a total of seven times, the first time in the fiber-optic remote control mode, and the remaining six times in the autonomous mode. The last 5 dives were all deep scientific research applications with a depth of more than 8,000 meters, ranging from 8,201 meters, 9,740 meters, to 10,310 meters… Continue to create and refresh records of the maximum diving depth and operating depth of my country’s underwater Robots, including one eight Kilometer-level, two 9,000-meter-level and two 10,000-meter-level dive applications.

“110 MPa” – “Haidou” broke through 10,000 meters to achieve a 10,000-meter deep dive. The whole system needs to withstand the external seawater pressure of about 110 MPa, from the peripheral buoyancy materials to the pressure-bearing components inside the sealed cabin and The power propulsion system is a test of extreme pressure. “Haidou” uses the principle of compensating pressure-bearing sealing to realize the reliable and effective operation of the whole system under the condition of 10,000 meters of pressure.

“10,767 meters” – On July 28, the “Haidou” dived for the seventh time and launched an impact on the application target of the 10,000-meter abyss. Finally, it successfully achieved the full-sea deep seated detection for 52 minutes. The diving depth was 10,767 meters, and the abyss depth information at the designated point was measured and verified by sitting bottom. After more than 8 hours of underwater detection, the “Haidou” underwater robot surfaced to the sea according to the scheduled time and recovered smoothly and safely.

Li Shuo introduced that in the next step, the research team will carefully analyze and summarize the test data of the “Haidou” sea trial and application, repair and upgrade it, and make full use of this test platform to further verify the key technologies involved in the 10,000-meter deep dive. , laying a technical foundation for the development of the 10,000-meter autonomous remote control underwater vehicle (ARV) project with detection and operation functions, which is a national “13th Five-Year” key research and development plan undertaken by Shenyang Automation.

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