Originated from innovation, ABB meets global entrepreneurial talents at HICOOL

Originated from innovation, ABB meets global entrepreneurial talents at HICOOL

From August 26th to 28th, HICOOL 2022 Global Entrepreneurs Summit was held at China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). Kang Liang, General Manager of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the summit and delivered a keynote speech. He shared ABB’s innovation history and cutting-edge technologies, and exchanged views on current scientific and technological innovation hotspots and sustainable development innovation practices. Dong Huijuan, head of ABB China’s government and public affairs, also attended the summit to celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of the “Global Young Entrepreneur Empowerment Program”.

This year is the third year of the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurs Summit. The theme of this summit is “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, adhering to the “entrepreneur-centered” concept, to create a high-quality “Global Entrepreneur Carnival”. By gathering more than 320 exhibitors and holding more than 20 special events, the summit gathered more outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial talents, built a whole chain of entrepreneurial ecological services, and fully served the growth of entrepreneurs.

In the keynote speech of the summit, Kang Liang said: “Innovation is an important part of ABB’s DNA, and it is also the driving force behind ABB’s services to customers around the world and in various industries for more than a century.” He then reviewed the video with the participants. Highlights of ABB’s more than 130 years of innovation. With one milestone of innovative technology, ABB has stood at the forefront of previous Industrial revolutions, promoting the birth, evolution and development of many industries. “

Kang Liang said: “ABB is committed to driving the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more efficient and sustainable future. Technology is the main driver of green transformation: the widespread use of renewable energy, continuous optimization of energy efficiency, electrification, digitalization and automation Accelerated adoption of smart technologies – these have become key to our move towards a more sustainable future.”


China leads the world in both the scale and growth of renewable energy capacity. Over the past decade, China’s total installed renewable energy power generation capacity has grown by about 90 times, reaching 1.1 billion kilowatts by the end of 2021. As the world’s leading supplier of innovative renewable energy technologies, ABB provides comprehensive solutions for photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and energy storage power stations, and accelerates the realization of a low-carbon and efficient energy transformation for the entire industry through the digital upgrade of power distribution.


When it comes to optimising energy efficiency, ABB’s biggest impact is through leading technologies that help reduce energy use in industry, buildings and transport – sectors that account for nearly three-quarters of global energy consumption. For example, 45% of the world’s electricity is used to drive electric motors in buildings and industrial applications, so improving the efficiency of electric motors has huge potential for energy savings. By the end of 2021, ABB has delivered more than 11 million inverters and high-efficiency motors to Chinese users, saving more than 500 billion kWh of electricity cumulatively.


In the field of intelligent manufacturing, according to the latest global data, China’s installed industrial Robots in 2020 exceeded 168,000 units, setting a record for the number of robots installed in a single country. ABB has played an active role in this process, and at the same time continues to push robots to be smarter, more powerful, easier to use, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The ABB Robotics Gigafactory will be operational in Shanghai later this year to better meet the rapidly growing market demand.


The transportation sector is another major contributor to carbon emissions, and electric mobility is the only way to achieve clean development. ABB is active in the entire value chain of e-mobility, and its main product portfolio includes electric vehicle charging solutions for cars and buses, traction systems for railways, trucks and mines, as well as Azipod® propulsion systems and green hydrogen technology in the marine sector. In the field of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, ABB has recently increased its majority stake in Shanghai ABB’s joint pile. This month, ABB’s electric mobility China headquarters will be settled in Shenzhen, which will better meet the rapidly growing market demand in China.

“Talent is the key to innovation. Globally, ABB cooperates with more than 100 universities. In China, supporting education is also ABB’s long tradition.” Kang Liang said, “We cooperate with dozens of domestic universities and vocational colleges. , jointly build a joint laboratory, hold technical seminars, and provide training re